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Technology of the future presentation

Bio-technology. Future transport. Future homes.

Sarah Cooper

on 13 March 2011

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Transcript of Technology of the future presentation

Technology of the future Future homes Future travel Coils introduced into kitchen
benches that defrosts meals as soon
as it is set down. Senses kettles
and turns them on. Programmable microchips that sense who is sitting on a sofa by measuring the weight of the person seated. Post-it notes that recognize what has been written and can send messages to people. South Korea's future home that is thought to become the present in 2015. Personal rapid transport - a small
train made to fit a small amount of
people for
personal use. Driverless cars that can be used
to transport goods in dangerous areas. Cars that can drive on land and fly in the air in high speeds. Future brain devices Control your dreams with
a sleeping mask called a Novadreamer
that signals you while you sleep. This changes
the dreams and can even overcome fears. Reduces traffic on land eTable Wall that changes to the mood of music. Thinnest TV screen Kitchen bench that changes according to your height. Chips inserted to plates that identifies the food on the plate and the best ways to cook it. Graphics tablet underneath
paper that recognizes what is written. Keeps food at
room temperature. The surface is using magnetic fields to heat directly into the metal inside the product, and only the coil, meaning that you will not burn your hand if you put it next to your thawing meal or boiling kettle.

No difference in cost
compared to gas and
electrical cooking. Also programmed to wake people
when lying in a specific position. Can also give a verbal welcome
and turn electrical
appliances on. Benefits the
sick and infirm Fits 3-6 people. Non-stop, point-to-point travel. Reduces costs of
employing drivers. Surgically implant personality
types into your
brain, such as
'kind to animals' or 'nice' "Mood organ" that allowed users
to dial-in their desired
emotional states using electronic
pulses through the brain. Taps into the sensory cortex and feed the brain all the data it currently receives through sensory inputs. An external computer that
will support an individual’s life history. User records every conversation and
sends it to the computer in a text. Users will be able to control doors
and lights and even to type messages
by using the mind. By Sarah Cooper Movement of
machines via thought. Future
alternative energy
cars. By Sarah Cooper
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