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English Period 2 Mrs. Ordway

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Wolverine

- Logan now confronts Deadpool with his brother Sabertooth. After all the conflicts and fights Logan had with his brother, they finally end up teaming together to defeat deadpool.

Entering the Belly of the Whale
Wolverine acquires fights through the story with his brother Sabertooth because of horrific actions Sabertooth took against his family. Therefore Wolverine thought he killed his girlfriend as well, so goes for revenge.
Master of Two Worlds
Refusal of the Call
Wolverine's refuses his return when he is faced with the decision to join his mutant team that he once fought with or live a normal life with his wife. He ultimately chooses to stay with his wife which causes her to be killed by his brother and he then answers the call to heroism and rejoins his former squad.
Crossing the Return Threshold
Logan is now motivated and wants revenge due to the horrific death of his wife up against Deadpool and prepares for mercy. Fortunately his brother goes along with him.
Robert Suarez
Asim Bhuiyan
Jeffrey Hwang
Anthony Ortiz
Sashai Reed

Home Culture
Call to Adventure
He has tasted the opportunity where he can join his brother and other mutants on a team of assassins that work for the United States government. He relates to these other mutant assassins and they seem to be his band of brothers, but there is still all the bloodshed.

Wolverine is a mutant that was born with the ability to heal at will and also bone claws. He was injected with Adamantium which gave him this metal interior and physical strength.
Supernatural Aid
Road of Trails
Crossing the First Threshold
Wolverine is at the facility that they are keeping all the mutants to test for weapons, even children and he feels pity. He then decides to risk his life and go in to try and save them from their certain death. He goes through alot of hardship in doing so.
Wolverine lives his life isolated from the world with his wife named Kayla Silver Fox. He doesn't want to deal with the problems of being a mutant. In other words he see his wife as an escape from his reality and brings him serenity.
Refusing the Return
Wolverine refuses to answer the call to action while he is with the new special military unit he and his brother were apart of. He was challenged by the fact that he would have to use his powers for bad instead of good and refuses to be apart of the team
- Logan had a happy normal childhood until he indecently killed his father. His is home is ultimately where him and his brother are together.
-Logan's older brother sabertooth became like a father figure to him since his father has passed and sabertooth was the older one.
After saber tooth killed his his brother's wife, wolverines wife, wolverine sets off to find his brother to fight and kill him. He finds his brother and they engage in a deadly battle but neither on is able to kill the other and instead rejoin each others side.
Meeting a Soul Mate ( A mother-figure)
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