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Care Cosmetics company profile

No description

Care Cosmetics

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of Care Cosmetics company profile

• One of the leading and most successful distributors in the Dutch cosmetic

• A spectacular premises of 1.500 m² in located centrally in
The Netherlands

• Over 3.000 points of sale

• Eleven exclusive brands

• More than 5.000 products on stock in our own

• We receive over 2.500 orders a month,
which comes to a total of 30.000
orders a year
Care Cosmetics was founded in 1996. The company nowadays has over 19 years experience in the professional beauty industry, which makes Care Cosmetics a business partner for every beautician:
high quality products,
excellent service and support
towards our clients.
enjoying your job activities makes you
more successful.
Care Cosmetics was founded in 1996. Throughout the years the company has made an incredible growth. By adding more brands to its portfolio the sales will strongly continue growing.
For each discipline Care Cosmetics
has a separate department with
specialists and professionals.
The account managers give our clients sales support, they organize in-store product demonstrations for consumers and
they visit potential clients.
A team of seven people take orders and support our clients by phone and by e-mail. We also offer our clients the possibility to place their orders online, through our webshop.
Our comprehensive training offer includes both practical and theoretical brand training. Our clients are educated by professionals to stimulate their sales and to enlarge their knowledge of the products and treatments.

Unique is our training 'Increase Your Turnover' by Marja Wiersema. This training teaches the clients how to respond on common problems. Every aspect of the sales routine will be covered.
All products are stored in our warehouse of
1100 m². After receiving an order the warehouse personnel ensures the products are send carefully and quickly to our clients.
Our own PR department is responsible for all the communication and exposure in the various media.
Articles about our products can frequently be found in magazines, on websites and (beauty) blogs.

Each year Care Cosmetics organizes a press event to inform our press contacts about the novelties.

The PR of PUPA, our largest brand, is done by an external agency, which is located in the capital city Amsterdam. This agency has many contacts
with Dutch celebrities.
The online marketing department is responsible for all online communication. Each of our brands are given exposure on websites and social media.

Our graphic design department creates artwork related to product and brand promotions, protects all corporate designs and accompanies the printed matters.
Throughout the years Care Cosmetics has expired its brand portfolio. Nowadays we are working with
eleven unique cosmetic brands. Each brand has it own target group, unique selling points and marketing strategies. With this broad range of brands we cover a large part of the consumer market.
“We believe that beauty lays inside every woman, we just help beauty to shine out”.

PUPA stands for fashion, trends and colors. The make-up brand aims to understand and anticipate market trends, offering extremely innovative and high-value cosmetics to the market at reasonably affordable prices. The high-quality products ensure a flawless and ultra trendy look for every occasion. PUPA also has seasonal collections that incorporate the trends of every season of the year.
Pierre Darphin:
"The beauty of a woman is not only determined by how she looks, but also how she feels. The concept of Darphin is built on this philosophy".

Darphin is the Parisian skin care brand that treats women with the pleasure of its perfect performance. Finest botanical ingredients, innovative technologies, professional expertise and specialized, sensory techniques. That is Darphin's main focus. Inspired by nature, Darphins scientists carfully select pure and effective ingredients. These ingredients are delicately blended into refined textures and subtle colors and scents, all of which perfectly adapt to the skin. Every product helps stimulating the senses. Darphin’s art of skincare clearly is a true art of living.
Matis, the best of science and technology. This professional French brand applies the newest forms of science and technology in its products and treatments. Matis’ visionary spirit, the strikingness of its formulas and the forward nature of its Center of Research and Development are essential components of the brand’s DNA. Matis possesses over 180 active formulas in a high-tech lab just outside of Paris. The formulas in the treatments are unique and efficient so they can extend and support the treatment efficiency at home. They respond to each skintype and need.

Matis offers a complete range of products for the consumer, so the brand’s expertise can be continued at home. The specific methods used in Matis treatments result in the most beautiful skin improvements in combination with the right advice for home treatments.
With Matis, your skin will experience a unique beauty routine!
The cooperation between consumer and specialist is Skeyndor's main focus. Skeyndor has its own laboratory with many specialists. These specialists innovate and develop Skeyndor’s products and treatments, anticipating on skin care trends and improvements. In addition to the expertise of treatments, Skeyndor also has a wide range of home care products in order to complete the treatment. Trends and techniques are important aspects of Skeyndor’s philosophy. Thanks to her specialists and thorough studies into several skin problems, Skeyndor’s knowledge of the skin and beauty is enviable.
Dr. Nadia Payot formulated her own line of skin care products to meet the specific and individual needs of the skin: pimples, irritation, dryness, aging and lack of luster. Her medical education has made it possible to do scientific discoveries, especially those in the field of cell regeneration, and apply it in the cosmetology. The expertise and precision of Payot products form the origin of exceptional methods and massages that can be applied in the salon and at home. Facial and body treatments provided in the salon are followed by the famous 42 step modeling developed by Dr. Payot. The unique treatments form an essential source of delight to restore the beauty and regain the balance between body and mind.
“Because beauty gives us confidence”.

The traditional German brand Marbert is offering quality skin care since 1936. Marbert is considered one of the leading cosmetic brands in Europe and its products are consistently made in Germany. Marbert offers products that are proven to be effective. In addition, Marbert offers good value for money. Technical know-how, years of experience and unique knowledge of skin properties make Marbert unique.
“Wherever there’s sun, whether it’s at the beach, on a mountain or in the city, Piz Buin has been there helping people to enjoy life in the sun, safely”.

For over 65 years, Piz Buin has been providing sun lovers everywhere with suncare solutions that help them achieve the perfect balance between getting a beautiful tan and the protection they need. Piz Buin was one of the first to make tanning safer by implementing the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) system in the 1960’s.
T. LeClerc was founded in 1881, by the
pharmacist Théophile LeClerc. In 1881 he developed a secret rice powder formula in his pharmacy, a stone’s throw from the Place de la Madeleine in Paris. This powder gave ladies’ complexions a radiance and smoothness beyond compare. The legendary “T. LeClerc” powder was born. Théophile LeClerc’s powder was initially commercialised in 6 shades, including the famous “Banane” shade, and rapidly became an essential accessory for all ladies of elegance in the “Belle Epoque”. A hundred years later, this beauty secret has been passed down through the centuries without loosing any of its initial elegance. T. LeClerc became a genuine make-up brand offering around 250 products and growing in success all over the world. Complexion, eyes, lips, nails, accessories are areas in which T. LeClerc has won acclaim.
Care Cosmetics is always on the move to
enlarge the business. We value high importance
to organizing marketing events and campaigns to gain more exposure of our brands.
Care Cosmetics was founded in 1996. In the beginning the business occurred from an attic in Heinenoord. Throughout the years, Care Cosmetics established in different buildings. Nowadays Care Cosmetics is established in a modern building with a large warehouse, centrally located in Dordrecht.
In 2009 the Care Experience was organized to let our clients experience the diversity of our brands. The unique event took place in the warehouse of Care Cosmetics. Each brand had its own area which was completely in style according to the brand identity. All senses were stimulated during the Care Experience. The event was aimed at cross selling of the brands.
Care Cosmetics is frequently sponsoring large events, mainly with our make-up brand PUPA. These events gain a lot of attention
in the media, such as television, internet
and magazines.

The Beau Monde Awards, started as an anniversary party for a glossy magazine,
has become an annual event known for Dutch celebrities. PUPA sponsored this awards show several times.

PUPA sponsored the beauty contest: 'Mis(s) Verkiezing', a Dutch television program. This television format is a beauty contest for gorgeous women with physical disabilities. The lady with the most beautiful appearance wins the contest.
In 2007 Monique Collignon was the first Dutch fashion show sponsored by PUPA. The models on the catwalk were wearing PUPA make-up, applied by our own PUPA make-up artists. In the following years PUPA did the same sponsoring for the fashion shows of Hans Ubbink and Addy van den Krommenacker.
Famous musicals like Petticoat, Hij Gelooft in Mij and Saturday Night Fever are sponsored by the make-up brand PUPA. The famous actors use the PUPA make-up on stage. In cooperation with Joop van den Ende Productions we have the opportunity to organize VIP events for our client to stimulate their loyalty towards Care Cosmetics.
Each year Care Cosmetics has a
beautiful large stand on the yearly
Beauty Trade Special, a Dutch trade fair
for the personal care industry. The Beauty
Trade Special is the trade fair for beauticians,
make-up artists, beauty salons, beauty centers,
spa's and wellness centers. At this trade fair Care Cosmetics introduces new products, gives advise on treatments and gives business tips to her (potential) clients.

Do you wish for more sales? Better results and even more satisfaction from your work? Are you looking for a professional who is reliable, thinks along with you to an optimal operating profit and to make your work more pleasurable? A professional who knows the market and analyzes together with you your salon or institute to see what it takes to make even more sales out of it?

In the cosmetics market there is a great need for support in successfully running a business. Passion for the profession combined with business knowledge and experience is the key to success.

CARE COACHING supports you with the improvement of various components within your company. You will be coached to work self-centered to an even better and operating result. More fun, more structure and a better result is the ultimate aim. The sky is the limit!

CARE COACHING promises you 10% more sales for your company!

The cooperation between Duco van Keimpema and Marja Wiersema offers CARE COACHING the additional expertise and support you can use in you business as a self-employed beauty salon. Whether you are working part time or full time, have a salon at home or an institute with a shop and staff, we offer you tailored coaching specifically aimed at your company. Reach the optimum fun and profit from your efforts with better operating results.
Care For Life is a foundation aimed at children who suffer a chronic, life-threatening, terminally decease and disabled children, by offering the child and its family support. Care For Life helps these children by financing extra medical care, supporting education and even making the most beautiful wishes come true thanks to noncommittal donations and sponsorships. We aspire for smiling faces and beautiful moments, to aim that ill children do not have to feel patient continuously.

The two sales managers and four brand managers at Care Cosmetics are each responsible for their own brands. They plan and organize marketing activities to promote the novelties, organize events and to improve the sales.
AHAVA's mission is to bring the virtues of the Dead Sea through their expertise and innovative products
to consumers worldwide. Today, AHAVA is the definitive Dead Sea Minerals beauty expert - they know more than anyone else about the science behind the Dead Sea’s power to revitalize, and they bring this innovation and expertise to every one of their products.

After years of Dead Sea research, AHAVA scientists have developed several unique skincare formulas. Most innovative: the Osmoter™. A balanced concentrate of Dead Sea Minerals, this proprietary technology helps restore skin’s vitality and enhances its natural ability to retain moisture. AHAVA research continues as they strive to provide consumers with breakthrough advances in skincare.
DiBi Milano, a 7-star concept

The traditional German brand Marbert is offering quality skin care since 1936. Marbert is considered one of the leading cosmetic brands in Europe and its products are consistently made in Germany. Marbert offers products that are proven to be effective. In addition, Marbert offers good value for money. Technical know-how, years of experience and unique knowledge of skin properties make Marbert unique.
For ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND - Natural Beauty, pioneering, effective natural cosmetics go hand in hand with respect for people and nature. Since the company was founded in 1959, their raison d’être has been characterized by a spirit of research, social commitment and careful handling of natural resources.
With ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty you experience the effects of state-of-the-art natural cosmetics – developed and produced in the Black Forest.

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty demonstrates with highly effective ingredients that nature and innovation are not contradictions, but rather the ideal base for state-of-the-art, effective natural cosmetics. Whenever possible, our raw materials come either from certified organic farming or wild harvesting. These high-quality raw materials are then processed into innovative products at our company headquarters in the Black Forest.
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