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Emmett Chappelle

No description

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Emmett Chappelle

Emmett Chappelle
Samantha Walker
Born October 25, 1925 in Phoenix, Arizona
Grew up on a small farm with no electricity
Went to a segregated high school
Attended the University of California
Bachelor's science degree in biochemistry in 1950
Worked at Meharry Medical College for 3 years
Went to the University of Washington in 1953
Earned his Mastsers but did not complete his Ph.D.
Worked for several companies after college including a research associate at the Research Institute of Advanced Studies at Stanford
Employed at NASA Goddard space Center in 1966
Worked there for 34 years and mentored high school and college students
Created more than 35 peer-reviewed publications, almost 50 conference papers, and co-authored/edited numerous publictions
retired in 2001
Chappelle earned 14 patents!
One after he graduated from college
He earned the other 13 patents while at Goddard
L.R.M. stands for Lyophilized Reaction Mixtures
Discovery he is most known for
L.R.M. is a combination of chemicals that can make any living organism emit light
similar to bioluminescence
ex. firefly or the football fish
Jenner, Lynn."Goddard Scientist Inducted into
National Hall of Fame."
. 23 Feb. 2008.
US Government. 20 Feb. 2014<http://
Rupert,Allison."Chappelle, Emmet(1925-)."
.2007.Guide Star Exchange.20 Feb.
In the top 100 African American Scientists and Engineers of the 21st Century which is at the Museum of Black Innovations & Inventions
Awarded the NASA exceptional Scientific Achievement Award and many others
Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio in 2007
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