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DBQs for Dummies

No description

Kaval Patel

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of DBQs for Dummies

See What Had Happened Was...
Does that look familiar?
Let's Talk Basics
An essay is an
. You are trying to convince someone that what you are saying is right.
1) You take a stance (a point of view).
2) You support that point of view with evidence.
3) You explain how this evidence matters.
4) You explain why it proves your point.
Let's Write an Essay
Your parents are not letting you go out this weekend, but you disagree. Why should they let you go out this weekend? Write an essay in which you present relevant and appropriate evidence to support your argument.
Body Paragraphs
Thesis Statement
Your thesis statement can be found in your introduction. It is usually one sentence, but it can be two.
Here is where you focus on your point of view!
Your thesis MUST do ALL the following
1) Establish your point of view.
2) Provide your reader with the points you will be arguing.
You are saying to the reader: Here is my point of view, and this is why I think my point of view is right. Your thesis must be arguable, meaning don’t just state fact.
DBQs for Dummies
You basically gave your parents an essay. You just didn't write it down!
Your introduction sets the stage for your essay.
1) Here is the topic your going to be discussing (i.e. you going out this weekend.
2) Here is my point of view on this topic (I think I should go out this weekend).
3) Here is why I think my point of view is right (my reasoning).

Number 2 & 3 are accomplished in your thesis statement.
A Presentation by Mrs Cregar-Porch's Wonderful Seniors: Maggi, Kaval, & Steven
You want to go out this weekend, but your parents aren't really thrilled about your plans...

So, what do you do?
You try to convince them to let you go out.
But how?
You start to defend
your case...
You talk about how responsible you are.
About how you cleaned your room, did your homework, all without incentive.
You remind them of that B+ on that math quiz you took last week!
You let them know that your friends parents will be providing transportation, so they don't have to worry.
Let's Break it Down
All essays are different, BUT they all have these few traits in common.

The building blocks of a paper
A group of sentences that support one main idea
Each body paragraph should be about one idea and ONE idea alone.
Must relate to your thesis
1) Topic Sentence
2) Explain idea
3) Provide piece of evidence
4) Explain piece of evidence
5) Explain HOW and WHY it matters
6) Tie it back to your thesis
7) Transition
How to use Evidence
Choose your evidence
You need evidence to back up your point of view. That’s the whole point. This is an argument.
EXPLAIN your evidence (Don’t assume “we’ll know what you mean”)
Try to avoid using too many quotes (Short and sweet!)
Make sure your evidence is relevant and appropriate
This is what you guys are doing:
Thesis Statement: I think I should go out this weekend.
What is wrong with this thesis statement???
You presented them with evidence. You told them how this evidence proves your point and backs up your argument.
Now Tell Us...
Why can't you guys do the same for your actual essays?
What is an Essay?
QUICK! Write a thesis statement for this situation!
*Hint: We’ve already given you everything you need to put in it.
*HINT HINT: LEGIT your exact examples
We are here to help!
Now let's try it!
As a class, let's come up with a body paragraph for this essay.
You presented them with evidence. You told them how this evidence proves your point and backs up your argument.
Tie your essay in a nice big bow
Bring your reader back into the real world
Restate your thesis (without parroting it).
QUICK summary. VERY short. One sentence MAX (Two is pushing it)
You presented them with evidence. You told them how this evidence proves your point and backs up your argument.
Any Questions?
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