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Katey Buchanan

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of SNC1D

Sustainable Ecosystems SNC1D (Grade 9 Academic Science) Teaching Strategies Challenges Tips Tricks Trips Words of Caution Misconceptions Underlying Assumptions Safety First! Unit Calendar Essential Question Unit Overview Ecosystems are dynamic and have the ability to respond to change, within limits, while maintaining their ecological balance
People have the responsibility to regulate their impact on the sustainability of ecosystems in order to preserve them for future generations How can understanding ecosystems help us make choices that support the long term health of our environment? "In the beginning, I emphasized facts, figures and trends, assuming that telling people enough bad news would somehow motivate them to change... But most already knew the bad news. And if they didn't, the announcement of potential calamity not only failed to motivate them, but often drove them into denial and despair... Sobered by this, I began to emphasize personal and structural solutions and the actions each of us can take to implement those." Be the change

Utilize indigenous ways of knowing

Think globally, act locally Urban Ecowalks
Ecosystems in the classroom
Be conscious of time and season
Fast-forward with Simulators (.e.g. Gizmos) Great sites in/near Toronto:
Evergreen Brickworks
Toronto Zoo
Kortright Center for Conservation
Lake St. George Field Center
Many more! Chelsea, Jessica and Katey Guiding Questions What are ecosystems and what are some common components that they share?
What happens when parts of ecosystems are disturbed?
How can we manage ecosystems sustainably? Questions? Humans have dominion over the Earth

Consistent and unlimited growth is not only possible, but essential

Technology can solve all our environmental problems "Ecosystems are limitless resources"

"An organism will be affected by changes only in factors to which they are directly connected"

"Species at the top of the food chain have the advantage" Field Trip Checklist: Permission notes
Class list
Special needs student list
Risk assessment sheets for completion
First aid kit
Student medications
Mobile phone ~John Goekler, Teaching Green
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