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No description

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Atoms

4 Elements
Atoms have charge!
Static electricity

Ions - atoms with a positive or negative charge

Repel - to push away (positive & positive)
"Attract" - to come together

Balloon and hair

+ Positive Center +
Claim : Rutherford - Positive charge

Empedocles - Greek philosopher
Claim : Everything made up of 4 elements
Earth, Water, Air, Fire

Claim: Atoms Exist
Baking soda, vinegar, and fire experiment

Vinegar - Water
Air - Smell
Baking soda - Earth, Air
Candle - Water, Fire
Earth and Air are under fire
Trapped Air - bubbles rise up
"Cut an iron rod in half..again...and...again"
Not proven, but there was common sense
Break it in half, you have the other half

One side gets heated faster due to atoms, no atoms equals all fire
Claim: Electrons (negative charges) move in defined spaces in an atom
Evidence : Gold foil experiment
Reasoning :
Noticed some where bouncing off
+ , + Repel
- , + Attract
Salt and fire experiment
Niel Bohr

More energy the farther the electron is pushed, which means faster return to the center; Easier to be close than far apart
Once close to the atoms center, energy the electron has is turned into visible light (color)
Color has specific frequency and energy; Higher frequency is more energy; Depends on how far the electron jumps back down after it has been heated
Keep color the same by having the electrons go back and forth in specific shells
Claim: An atom also contains neutrons. Not positive, not negative.
Neutrons Exist
Same atom
Same amount of protons and electrons
Different weights
Protons add mass to atom
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