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My Career

Some Kind of Writer

treyjan oshiro

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of My Career

My Career
Sports Journalist
by Treyjan Oshiro
Why I want to be a Sports Journalist
I want to be a sports journalist because I enjoy writing and I have always watched sports.
Ever since I was five years old football was my favorite sport.I like college football in particular and my favorite team is Oregon.
The average sports journalist makes 50,000 dollars for their annual income. If you are a journalist for long enough you can make a salary of up to 75,000 dollars.
Sports journalists write articles about different events. The events can be football and basketball. Maybe even soccer or baseball. A journalist's job i to summarize games that were plsyed.
What They Do
Skills That You NEED!
In order to become a sports journalist you need to be a good writer and you need to have time to watch sports. If you get good writing grades in school you can become any kind of journalist.You need a college degree and you have to be at leats 18 years old.
Thanks For Watching!
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