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Mangaka Career

Career Projects For Cullins

Kate Lessard

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Mangaka Career

Professional Mangaka What is a mangaka? For all of those that are not familiar with this term and have not an idea in the least what a mangaka is... Though the name alone makes it rather obvious... A mangaka is in basic a graphic artist in the business of writing graphic novels, the better quality version of a comic book. Mangaka write manga! (Woah, that's a shocker! D:) Manga being Japanese graphic novels. Responsibilities of a Mangaka Mangaka live a life of sweat, tears, malnutrition and lack of sleep... Long hours spent perfecting plotlines, finishing panel sketches only hours before the deadline. Unless you can handle high stress and tension, not eating much but easy food like ramen, soda and potato chips... You can't handle this job. Its all about having it done before the due date. But depending on your luck, you may have assistants and an editor to help you get the job done; doing the detailing for certain things and if you aren't very familiar withy the Japanese language, translating dialogue and sound effects. Education Needed To Pursue This Career Mangaka can come right out of highschool, not graduate and still get a job if their artwork is that high in quality... but it all depends on drawing ability and general skill. Though a degree from a manga college, schools specially ran for young art students, or some other art school. That would prabably give more of a background certification, and learning Japanese would also help as well, but of course, if lifestyle allows you can hire a translator. What Colleges Have the Best Set Up For Budding Young Mangaka? Art Schools that have classes specified for the art of manga are mainly in Japan, some well known colleges being:

-Nihon Kogakuin College
-Kyoto Seika University

There are many others all over Japan but truly rare in the United States... Ethics In the Manga Industry Ethical issues emerge much in the works of a mangaka, such as: copyrights, plagerism, the stealing of ideas, copying other people drawings, making characters or plots much to alike another. Salary of a Mangaka "I think it varies from magazine to magazine, for example, a monthly magazine would be around 10,000 yen per page. So if one draws 25 pages in a month, then the manuscript fee for that month is roughly around 250,000 yen," Says an editor from an anomynous manga magazine. But that is only the starting salary, it also depends on how popular the manga is and what kind. What's the In the Future of this career? In about ten years, a mangaka with luck, has had their big debut and is drawing more now, perhaps even starting their own series. It all depends on how popular your artwork becomes. Where in the world will mangaka be on highest demand? None but the place where the art originated, Japan. Technology Involved In the Manga Making Progress Mainly editing software such as Photoshop and Manga Studio. Customers of the Mangaka Those who buy their manga. Otaku and the mildly obsessed, the Japanese being most prominent. Though, manga has increased in popularity and is published in more languages then ever before as well as in more contries. The Japanese art form grows more and more popular. Math In the Art of Manga Math isn't very important to the mangaka themself, all they have to worry about being how many pages and how long till the due date. Other than that, scaling things up to size would be it. Problem Solving In the Job of a Mangaka You have to be flexible, able to improvise and work long hard hours and still remember to eat and get some rest. That alone is a big enough problem. Communications Mangaka work in a team with as many Assistants as needed, their Editor and possibly their Muse (not essential and less common than it used to be but they still exist), Mangaka's Interaction with Customers They don't. Unless in the case of interview or book signing. The Role of an Editor More or less, many of you probably do not know what any of these do, so to avoid questions, I will explain now:
An editor does both translation, checks spelling, checks overall quality; in basic critiques it, then hrows it back at the mangaka and says "Fix it." They also make sure you keep up with your due dates and such, as most mangaka have difficulty with that. The Role of an Assistant As the name infers, they assist you in your work. Some assistants are hired specifically for their specialty in certain areas of the artwork such as: weapons, vehicles, backdrops, etc. Things that the mangaka are either too lazy to do or not very skilled in. The Role of a Muse A muse is inspiration for the fine arts; often human (generally female) but for some imaginary or inadimate. Painters enspecially but artists of all types have been known to have a sole source of inspiration, that being their muse, often par-ing as a editor or/and lover in most cases. THE END Whoot.
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