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WW2 Project

No description

Vicky Yepiz

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of WW2 Project

In WWII Propaganda was a big influence on life.There were two alliances, called the "Axis powers" and the "Allied powers." Each side had There own share of many propaganda's
The Allied Powers included (Great Britian,France, Russia And the United States.)
The Axis Powers included (Germany, Italy, Japan and Ottoman Empire) In this Propaganda About riding alone, The meaning of it is, To join a car-sharing club, Because if you are alone Then Hitler will get to you. So This encouraged U.S citizens to not ride alone. In this propaganda It shows Not only did it affect Citizens in the war, But Their families at home too. It also shows that During the war Not many of them even meant what they said. They did things and destroyed lives carelessly without any "real" reasoning. In this propaganda, it's telling U.S citizens Not to listen to Hitler or the Allied Powers because they would tell you lies. So you could join their side. At the time the Axis powers felt more powerful when U.S army men took the day off. So they infulenced them to take more days off. In this propaganda the axis powers would enter homes of families, and tell them that everything would be ok and safe, wherever they took them. They would gain the families trust. But later the would then kill them. This propaganda shows how much of a influence Hitler was on young boys, How he made himself seem so powerful and trustworthy. So they could look up to him, and join him one day.





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