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Literature Circles

6th grade

Amy Rogers

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Literature Circles

Organize Literature Circles

select a novel: cross curriculum if possible
form the circles
brainstorm discussion topics
set schedule
Literature Circles
Independent, collaborative, and innovative learning
Main Idea
Literature circles create an environment of study to promote literature discussion uniting children with literacy strategies, conceptual understanding, and the collaborative process.

Teacher Responsibilities

align instruction with curriculum
assess students authentically
guide students to become engaged, independent, and confident learners
The Art of Discussion
Preparing for discussion

Written Response

preparing for discussion
progression from teacher directed to student managed discussion
written reflections
post-it notes to capture quick reminders for discussion
bookmarks reflect the schedule, interesting ideas and words
iPad notes for successful student questions to keep the discussion moving
allowing time for the student to respond on the iPad to produce a more in-depth conversation
student pauses to reflect on character, plot, and relationship development
nurtures "self talk"
Performing quick formative assessment by asking individual students basic comprehension questions and tracking participation points.
Reading response assignments completed on the iPad in complete sentences with a rubric.

Roles for Student-driven Circles
Characters Captain
Passage Master
Movie Critic
Literature Circles: Fostering Critical Thinking and Oral Communication
6th grade
language arts
created by: Amy Rogers
Effective Literature Circles
Reading checks with comprehension questions
from assigned reading with a rubric.
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