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George Washington

No description

Bonnie Madieros

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of George Washington

George Washington
By:Hannah Budd
george was born on february 22nd in 1732. he grew up in Colonail Virginia. His father was a land owner and died when George was 11. George was a good horsemen and loved to shoot. his older brother taught him math and reading.
In his early years,
My class is learning about presidents. I will share some facts on George Washington.
In his older years,
George was the general of the army and fought because he didn't want to pay taxes to england. the war was 6 YEARS! He married a weido named Martha Custis and helped raise two children. AT 16 he was a surveyor. his house was called Mount Vernon.
George's presidentcey
While george was president he asked Betsy Ross to make our first flag with 13 stars. the usa wanted him to be king, but he said no. he was already president. George died in December 14, 1799 because of old age.
I had fun learning about George Washington and hope to be a leader like him.
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