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Imperialism in India

No description

Thad Pukpiboon

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Imperialism in India

India What does Imperialism mean ? Imperialsim means the policy of extend it's power of that nation or empire over other countries, or of maintaining that country under colonization. So who colonize the India? The British were the ones who actually colonize India, but at first Portugal, Netherland, France, and United Kingdom were the first few European who establish a trading post within India and by the 1856, most of India was under the control of the British. Where is India ? India is located in the region of South Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and Pakistan. It is located below China and above Sri Lanka. Why did the British colonize India? They saw India as place perfect for making trade (British East India Company) and an open windo for resources and walth, which such resources: salt, rawm material (which India has a lot), spieces, and cotton. Spices!!!! Salt!?!? Cotton When was India colonize ?????? It was during 1875-1947, Muslim had been ruling India for almost thousand of year, ,but the British had been able to gain control over them. What were the effect of colonization ? Pros Cons They banned Sati (which is the practice of the wifer committing suicide along with her husband that had pass away.
They also banned Dowry which is the practice of the women giving money or good to her husband when they're married. Widow marriage are promoted or supported. Prohibiting child marriage Poverty Economical destruction Destroy education system (change point of views) Destroy some acient monument Who benefit from colonization? Colonizer Indigenous people They gain wealth, profit, and resource from India. The british brought peace stability from the civil war and they also build school for education and hospital for a better health. Who help India gain independant ???? The people in India was calling for independence because the British took there resource causing most of the people to live in poverty. The British was also racise which like happen in Africa, but the people wasn't taken as slave. The person who actually lead India toward independence was Mohandas Karachand Gandhi. He was the person who brought nation together by leading the people into a series of non-violent revolution such as the salt march. This revolution result nationalism among the people pf India. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohandas_karamchand_Ghandi http://blod.friendsofindia.net/2007/08/effects-ofcolonization-in-india.html
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