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Your book's title goes here.

No description

Hilary Thompson

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Your book's title goes here.

Add a photo - like the cover of your book.

Cite your picture sources.
(Picture from: http://storytimeforme.com/topics/green-eggs-and-ham/.)
Use only 1-3 sentences.

Grab your audience's attention quickly!

Pretend you are a filmmaker trying to get an investor for your movie.
Summarize your book.
Describe a dream cast.
Choose actors for the major characters.

Provide a reason/rationale for choosing each character - not just their appearance!

Provide pictures to visualize.

Cite your picture sources.
(Picture from: www.website.com.)
Choose a theme song.
Describe the song and the rationale for choosing it.

Add quotes from the song lyrics to enhance your description.
Describe your setting.
Be specific - what country, city, landscape, neighborhood, etc.

Create a photo collage to visualize the location.

Cite your picture sources.
(Picture from www.website.com)
Your name goes here.
Your book's title goes here.
Describe any changes you want to make to the book to modernize it.
Provide a rationale for these changes.

If you want to keep the book exactly as it is, provide a rationale for that as well.
How you will be graded:
Completion: do you have all the required pieces?

Originality: have you thought about each piece and put your own thoughts and opinions into it?

Visual Appeal: is your presentation nice to look at, with correct grammar and punctuation?
Character: Sam-I-Am
Rationale: an unknown actor who is a the right age, and will add the crazy attitude of the character.
Picture from: http://murmurcreekobservatory.blogspot.com/2011/03/good-progress-in-warm-room.html
Picture from: http://www.disney-vacation-rentals.com/pages/47/islands_of_adventure_attractions/default.aspx
Picture from: Hilary Thompson
Song: "Try a New Food, It Might Taste Good"
Source: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

We can try a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A little bit of this and a little bit of that
We gotta try new food cause it might taste good!
I would keep the original cartoon-feel of the book, because it is classic Dr. Seuss. I would add real actors, like the Jim Carrey version of "Grinch" because the movie would appeal to a wider audience. Using real actors draws a larger audience because people like to see their favorite actors in new roles.
Picture from: http://www.robininyourface.com/no-grades-or-silver-stars-needed/
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