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My Future Options

No description

Kashaf Salaheen

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of My Future Options

To be an optometrist, you should value helping others. This is because an optometrist's job revolves around helping others. Optometrists help others by performing eye tests, diagnosing vision problems, and prescribing lenses.

If you would like to become an optometrist, you should value education. To become an optometrist, you must go through university and optometry school while getting good grades. To successfully go through all of this education, you should value education.

Also, if you would like to become an optometrist, it is possible that you value money. This is because optometrists can make up to $150,000 dollars a year.
In terms of multiple intelligences, optometrists should definitely be bodily/kinesthetic. This is because optometrists are hands-on workers. They must work with complicated equipment and tools. They should be able to handle equipment easily.

Optometrists should also be interpersonal. This is because optometrists work directly with patients. They should work well with them in order to provide the best experience for the patient. An optometrist should have good "people skills" considering the fact that a large portion of their job involves interacting with others.
Learning Styles
What is an Optometrist?
An optometrist is an eye doctor. Optometrists examine the eyes of others in order to diagnose an eye disease, vision problem, or any other condition. Optometrists also perform various tests with a patient in order to see a patient's ability to focus and coordinate their eyes. Through these tests, optometrists are able to prescribe contact lenses or glasses.

In most provinces and territories, optometrists are also able to apply ointments, apply eye drops, and take away foreign bodies, such as splinters, from the eye. However, optometrists must follow their province's or territory's specific regulations and rules about these tasks when they perform them.

In addition, some optometrists provide vision therapy and vision care. Through the tests that an optometrist performs, they can find evidence of another disease, such as diabetes. Optometrists then refer their patient to another health care professional.
Option #1: Optometrist
My Future Options
What is an Optometrist's Pathway?
The only pathway to become an optometrist is through
You must study at least three years in university. In university, you must take
physics, chemistry, biology, math
Many choose to obtain a 4-year Bachelor of Science Degree, however, it is not mandatory.

After at least 3 years of university, you must attend
optometry school
. To get into optometry school, you must pass the
Optometry Admission Test (OAT).
The optometry program at optometry school takes 4 years to complete. After this program, you will receive a
Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree.

In Ontario, the University of Waterloo offers an Optometry (OD) program. In Quebec, the Université de Montréal offers an Optométrie (OD) program. In California, the University of Berkeley offers an Optometry (OD) program.

Learning Skills for an Optometrist
To be an optometrist, it would be helpful if you are a kinesthetic learner. This is because optometrists must work directly with equipment and patients. The work is very hands-on. If you are a kinesthetic learner, then being an optometrist is a good idea!
"The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time."
-Abraham Lincoln

Kashaf Salaheen
Essential Skills for an Optometrist

Optometrists must have the essential skill of decision making. This is because optometrists must make decisions regarding their tools and their patients. They must make decisions for what equipment they would like to buy and about which tools they need to use. They must be able to make well-informed decisions.

Optometrists must also have the essential skill of problem solving. Many patients will come to their optometrists and have vision problems. Optometrists must be able to identify the problem and come up with the best solution to fix it. Problem solving also comes in handy if a patient is not happy with their contact lenses or glasses.

Optometrists must also have the essential skill of oral communication. Optometrists will communicate directly with their patients when their patients come in. Optometrists must also interact with suppliers about new products and equipment.
Multiple Intelligences
Job Prospects
How will this job meet my personal definition of success?
Optometrists must have the learning skill of being
. Optometrists must be organized with all of their documents regarding their patients. Optometrists must also be organized in terms of planning their schedules.

Optometrists must have the learning skill of being able to work
Most optometrists will open up their own practice and must work independently with their patients. Optometrists must be comfortable working independently.

Optometrists must also have good
work habits.
This is because they must show up to work and put forth a consistent effort in order to provide their patients with the best treatment possible. This is also important so that they use their time effectively to help as many patients as they can.

Optometry is a very good field to get into. From 2013-2017, optometrists will have a higher share of job openings (39%) compared to all occupations (34%). The Employment Prospect Rating has been average for both the present and past.

Also, optometrists in Ontario have a 0% unemployment rate. However, this statistic is strongly due to the fact that many optometrists choose to set up their own practice. If you are looking to become an optometrist, make sure that you know if you want to set up your own practice or work for someone else.

In general, healthcare is a good field to get into. This is because many of those born in the baby boom era are reaching retirement and need good healthcare. Also, everyone will always need healthcare, which is why healthcare is a good field to look into.
My personal definition of success is when you finally accomplish a goal. I also believe that success is not handed to you, but that there is a long journey of hardships and struggles in order to get to success. I also believe that success is anything that makes you happy. If you are happy, then to me, you are successful.

By being an optometrist, I will be fulfilling my personal definition of success. I have had the dream of having a job in the healthcare field for a long time and by achieving this goal, I will be successful. Also, there is a long journey of education to become an optometrist. By finishing this long journey and finally becoming an optometrist, I will feel successful. Lastly, being an optometrist is something that will make me happy. This is because I enjoy helping others and working with technology and that will make me happy. My happiness will indicate that I am successful. This is all according to my personal definition of success.
Option #2: Dentist
What is a Dentist?
A dentist is someone that is qualified to treat any disease or condition that affects the teeth or gums. Dentists help to maintain the health of a patient's teeth.

Dentists perform regular check-ups in which they perform a thorough examination of a patient's teeth and will do a cleaning for the teeth as well. Dentists also diagnose and treat dental problems. A dentist's work is very delicate as the teeth and gums are very sensitive and damaging them would be extremely painful.

Dentists also perform basic dental operations, such as the removal of wisdom teeth. Dentists also educate their patients about the importance of brushing and flossing.

Dentists also help to improve the appearance of a patient's teeth. Dentists will help to improve the shape, colour, and alignment of someone's teeth. An example of this is when a dentist bleaches a person's teeth to improve colour. Cosmetic work to make the appearance of teeth look better is a large part of a dentist's job.

What is the pathway for a Dentist?
The pathway to become a dentist is through
. You should take approximately 1
-4 years in university
for university level pre-dental courses. After university, you must attend
dental school
. Most people that apply to dental school have a bachelor's degree.

To attend dental school, you must pass the
Dental Admission Test (DAT).
Dental school usually takes 4 years to complete. Depending on the school that you are attending, once you graduate dental school, you will earn either a
Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
or a
Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree.

With extra training, a dentist can become a specialist to focus on specific dental problems.
Specialist programs
typically take an additional 1-4 years to complete.

In Ontario, the University of Western Ontario offers the Dentistry (DDS) program. In Quebec, McGill University offers the Dentistry (DMD) program. In Alberta, the University of Alberta offers the Dentistry (DDS) program.
Essential Skills
Learning Skills
Multiple Intelligences
Learning Styles
To be a dentist, you should have the essential skill of good decision making. This is because dentists select tasks that their dental assistants, receptionists, and other staff must do. They also must select techniques and procedures in order to help a patient the best way that they can. They also must select the correct dental tools and equipment.

You should also have the essential skill of oral communication. This is because dentists directly work with their patients and should have good oral communication skills. Dentists must also talk to suppliers to talk about new tools and equipment.

Dentists should also be good at problem solving. This is because there are various problems that a dentist might face. An example of this is when a dentist must deal with a frightened patient. Another problem that a dentist can face is if a patient has lost consciousness due to local anaesthesias and the dentist is forced to react quickly to solve the problem.
Dentists should have the learning skill of being
Dentists have a lot of documents that must stay organized and tidy. Dentists must also fill out many forms for all of their patients and by being organized, it ensures that all of the forms stay in order.

Dentists should also have the learning skill of having good
work habits
. Dentists need to work the hardest that they can and always put forth a consistent effort in order to provide their patients with the best treatment possible. Dentists must also use time effectively in order to work with as many patients as possible.

Lastly, dentists should be able to work
A lot of the work that dentists do is alone and they must be comfortable in that situation. They need to efficiently accomplish everything that needs to be done. Being independent is an important learning skill for a dentist.
Dentists should value helping people. The job of a dentist is to help others keep their teeth clean and looking the best that they can. Dentists perform basic dental procedures and cleanings in order to ensure that their patients have the best teeth as possible. If you are thinking of becoming a dentist, you should definitely value helping people.

Another thing that dentists value is hands-on work. Most of a dentist's work is incredibly hands-on. They work with tools and equipment in order to perform cleanings and dental procedures. Dentists value hands-on work and feel passionate about it because that is what their entire job revolves around.

If you value money, then a dentist is the job for you! Dentists make approximately $60,000-$200,000 a year. This is a fair amount of money which is why if you value money, become a dentist!

Being bodily/kinesthetic is an intelligence that would help you to succeed as a dentist. This is because the work of a dentist is very hands-on and requires lots of work with your hands. Being bodily/kinesthetic would be incredibly useful while being a dentist due to the large amount of hands-on work.

Dentists should also have strong interpersonal skills. This is because dentists interact directly with their patients and should have good "people skills." With strong interpersonal skills, dentists will become more likable and attract more patients.
In terms of learning styles, it would be incredibly helpful if you are a tactile/kinesthetic learner. This is because most of a dentist's work is hands-on and requires you to use tools and equipment. Dentists adjust equipment and use tools to perform operations and cleanings. If you work well with your body, specifically your hands, then this job is suitable for you!
Job Prospects
How will this job meet my personal definition of success?
Dentistry is definitely a good field to get into. From 2013 to 2017, dentists will have a higher share of open jobs (51%) compared to both all Professional Occupations in Health (46%) and all Occupations (34%).

Dentistry also has a low unemployment rate. The unemployment rate for dentists in Ontario is just 0.4%! If you are planning on becoming a dentist, it is not likely that you will be unemployed.

Becoming a dentist is also a good idea because it is in the field of healthcare. Healthcare is a good field to get into because of the fact that the people from the baby boom era are heading into retirement and require good healthcare services. Furthermore, healthcare is always needed, which is why healthcare is a good industry to get into.
As I stated before, my personal definition of success is accomplishing a goal. To me, success is a journey and is not simply handed to you. Lastly, success is if you are happy.

Being a dentist would meet my personal definition of success. This is because I will be accomplishing my childhood goal of getting a job in the healthcare field. Also, to become a dentist, I must complete many years of schooling and education. This is a journey of education that I must go through to finally become a dentist. This meets my definition of success because I will actually have to work in order to meet my goals. Lastly, through accomplishing my childhood goal and completing my journey of education, I will be feeling incredibly happy. Being happy also fits my definition of personal success. The job of being a dentist undeniably fits my definition of success.
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