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Dead Man's Cell Phone

No description

Addie Reed

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Dead Man's Cell Phone

Dead Man's Cell Phone
Group Members
Addison Turner
Taylor Preminger
Costume Designer: Alexsis Figueroa
Set Designers:
Melissa Nichols
Stephanie Clabeaux
Music Designer:
Luis Santos
Themes and Goals
Show that our world seems bare without technology.
An exaggerated version of modern day, or what may be in the near future.
Remind the audience just how much we depend on technology to shape our world.
Bare and simplistic design.
Projections/technology adds all the color.
Very loud and flashy.
Dome shaped stage. Shows technology closing in on the actors.
Normally thought of as an older architecture feature.
Using the projections to modernize.
Dome with Projections
Costume Design
Scenic Design
Sound Design
Example Scene
Visual transition

Projection backdrop

Music and Sound Effects
Cell Phone Ballet
Act 1 Scene 1
Act 1 Scene 2
Act 1 Scene 3
Act 1 Scene 4
Act 1 Scene 5
Act 1 Scene 6
Act 2 Scene 1
Act 2 Scene 2
Act 2 Scene 3
Act 2 Scene 4
Act 2 Scene 5
Act 2 Scene 6
The Other Woman
Mrs. Gottlieb
Main Theme behind Costuming
The Stranger
Focus on the use of black in costumes to reinforce the idea of mourning. Not only the mourning of Gordon, but as the lack of love in the characters' lives.

The use of technology takes away color and beauty in life.

Some characters begin to discover life without technology and that is represented in their costumes.
Did you know that 90% of American adults own a cell phone, and 58% of American adults own a smartphone? In the spirit of acknowledging our reliance on technology, the Department of Theatre at Chapman University is pleased to present its unique new take on Sarah Ruhl’s quirky Dead Man’s Cell Phone. One of Ruhl’s primary objectives in the play is to provoke conversation about our use of technology in modern society. In order to play up this theme that technology has taken over our world, director Addison Turner made the bold decision to rely heavily on projected images in the production. The images (projected onto the bare, dome-shaped stage) provide the backdrop during scenes and show references to social media during scene changes. Due to the otherwise plain stage set up, the projections provide almost all of the color and depth to the production—a commentary that suggests that technology contributes all the substance to modern society and is constantly in the background. Now, please sit back and enjoy this intriguing and thought provoking production of Dead Man’s Cell Phone.
Social Media in Transitions
Technology trapping people in bubble they cannot escape it.
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