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Climate change

Lets see the climate change

Brian Kim

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Climate change

Climate The Atmosphere The atmosphere consists of several layers. The first and lowest one is the troposphere. This is the atmosphere where we live in. The next layer is where the planes are usually in. It is the stratosphere. This atmosphere contains the ozone layer which protects us from the ultra-violet rays. (A.K.A=UV rays) The rays can cause skin cancer
and also cause serious burning to the skin. But the ozone layer protects us from that. But polution is deteriorating the layer and there is already a hole in the antartic region. The next atmosphere is called the mesosphere. The mesosphere is an atmosphere that is the middle of all the atmospheres. The next one is called the thermosphere. The thermosphere is the hottest atmosphere of all, rising up to 2000 degrees! The last atmosphere is called the exosphere and that is where the space shuttle hangs out. Tropo, Strato = mix, Meso = middle, Thermo = tempurature, Exo = Outer The Oceans The oceans are benificial to global warming because it sucks up 25% of the CO2 emitions. But there is always give and takes. The ocean is getting more and more acidized every day killing trillions of planktons, shrimp, and crabs. The acid is killing them by melting their exoskeletons cuasing them to simply dissolve in the water or rarely exploding to bits. Since these resources are dieing out, the small fishes that eat it are dieing out by starvation. That makes the bigger fishes are dieing too. That corrupts the food chain leading disaster too..... Us, the human being, eater of all things.(exept unneceseiry things) The Carbon Cycle The carbon cycle is very useful to us. But the problem is that we use too much of it. The way that carbon cycle works is that first, something or someone dies. It gets covered with other things and eventually it is about 500 feet in the ground. The carcass is now in so much presser that it turns into charcoal if it is a plant, or oil if it is a animal or mammal. This powerful source of energy was not found until someone discovered a natural oil plant and thinking it was water. He planted a fire there and KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! It exploded into a fire spring. And now, people are digging more and more of it. For the first 2000 years it was OK to burn. But now the CO2 percentage is changing and people falling to sleep and dieing. The Water Cycle The Water Cycle is an unchangable cycle. It starts like this, the water in the seas, oceans, ponds, and lakes. The water turns into vapor. When the vapor gets too heavy, it snows or it rains, or it hails. The snow gets trapped in the mountains. When the snow melts, it turns the melt into a river and gets back into the sea. The rain gets drained into the ground and becomes a underground resivior. This gets slowly to the sea or, humans dig it up.
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