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weared but true

No description

Library Media

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of weared but true

Weird but true This might be too weird for you! There are about a billion bactiria on your tung right now A lock of Elvis's hair was sold for 115,120 Hippo's sweat is red belly bottons have lint in them. Lint is made of dead skin and clothing fibers An ant can make it's self explode Kin and Barbie dolls where named after two children. Wedding gowns where made of toilet papper A man knotted 39
cheeries in 3 minutes. A battery can
be made out
of a potato. A lobsters teeth
are in there stomach. You can see autumn
leaves from outer space. Some fish can walk on
land. Gorillas burp when they
are happy. Burp George W Bush
was once a cheerleader. Jelly fish sting even
when there dead. The first bubble
gum that was made
was called bibble
bluber. Snow flakes get smaller as it get's colder. snow just dose not stop. A cookie factory once made a chocolate chip that weighed 7 trucks. yummmmmy!! Girls have more taste buds than boys. Look closely !
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