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New Zeland

No description

Eljar Skjorholm

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of New Zeland

New Zealand
New Zealand has a population of 4,468, 200 people.
New Zealand is manly two big islands how has a areal of 268,021 km2
The captial of New Zealand is Wellington
The biggest city is Auckland
English (95,5%)
Maori (4,2%)
NZ Sign language (0,6%)

The Flag
New Zealand´s flag is blue white four red star and the union jack in the upper left corner.
The union jack is the british flag.
The british flag is there because New Zealand was a british colony
New Zealand was discovered in 1250 by Eastern Polynesians. The people who settled on New Zealand is today called the Māori people.

The New Zealand´s culture is based on the east Polynesian culture by the Māori people
Sport in New Zealand
Cricket is a very popular sport in New Zeland
Cricket is there national summer sport.
New zealand is one of the ten countries to competing to have the best cricket team


New Zealand has a government that is a monarchy.
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth
Governor general: Sir Jerry mate parae
Prime Minister: John Key
The currency is New Zealand dollars
1 New Zealand dollar is 4,95 Norwegian kroner.
Christianity is the largest region in New Zealand.
There national day is February 6´th.
There national song is : God defend New Zealand.
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