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Video Games

No description

Lucas Mullen

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Video Games

Video Games people are looking forward to Consoles people are looking forward to VIDEO GAMES Lucas
Miao Surveyed 140 people.
Questions included: Gamer's ethnicity, age, gender, etc.
Hours spent playing, favorite platforms, genres, etc. A multiplayer online battle arena(MOBA) video game developed and published by Riot Games Answers How often do you play video games? RESULTS CONTINUED SURVEY League of
Legends Title US/EU Hours
July 2011-June
League of Legends 1,292,502,456
World of Warcraft 622,378,909
Minecraft 371,635,651
Heroes of Newerth 184,520,156
Diablo III 172,907,605
Battlefield 3 171,852,550
Maplestory 165,503,651
StarCraft II 163,980,293
World of Tanks 145,702,931
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 126,754,082 MAP STATS TSM TOP 3 TEAMS in the
NORTH AMERICAN REGION CURSE DIGNITAS As a team, I just want us to do our very best. I want to go to events, have fun, and play our games out with confidence, sportsmanship, and teamwork.- Voyboy "Going to go with the theory that you never have to work a day in your life if you do what you love. My reasoning and passion for this game that involves me with the community so much is somewhat related."
- Dyrus "Riot Games' League Of Legends officially becomes most played PC game in the world."
- Forbes RESULTS 49% 51% Do you consider yourself a serious gamer? What gaming platforms do you own? What genres of video games do you play? 57% 43% GENDER AGE 70% 13% 15% 2% Serious Gamer? Consoles? Genres? ETHNICITY? Video game news? Video game purchases? Do most of your friends play video games? Ever been to Comic-Con/Wonder-Con? Why video games alone, or with friends? "Playing alone allows me to completely invest in the game I choose to play, and really key in on every aspect of it. Playing with my friends is more of a party vibe, with multiplayer at the forefront. We are focused on the game we choose to play, but at a different scale and in a different way. Both are equally fun." Answers Answers When discussing games with your friends, what do you discuss? "Which pokemon is best pokemon." 62% 38% 84% 16% Popular: Final Fantasy, Tales of Shin Megami Tensei, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest
Often have genres mixed in:
- Puzzles
- Action/Adventure
- Memorization
Second most played in our survey
RPG Discussion(Tumblr, friends, gaming news sites)
- Art
- Music
- General story lines and characters
- Typically not about strategy JRPGS Interview 1. What are your favorite RPGs?
2. Why do you like RPG games/what makes them fun to play?
3. Which are RPGs / series would you consider popular? Conventions and Cosplay Major Conventions in California: Fanime, Anime Expo, Comic-Con and Wondercon

Gamers, comic, manga/anime fans usually go

People tend to cosplay & go to cosplay meet ups

Place to talk about interests

Many people make a lot of new friends at conventions and swap info to keep in touch or just hang out together Solano Community College Gamer's Club An impromptu visit
Pretty evenly divided between
Brought their own TV/monitor
Mostly business meeting, but they were playing fighting games together
Many of them had hand held consoles (e.g. 3DS, PSP) out.
Selling/trading games
They get along very well and were pretty sociable Dance Dance Revolution first released in November 21, 1998 in Japan.
March 1999 in the United States.

Popularity at its peak in the early 2000s.
Introduced innovation and a new style of game play.

These video games were especially popular in Asia because of all the arcades. Dance Dance Revolution One of the most popular music games of the 2000s.
Released on November 2005.
Popularity peaked at around 2007. Guitar Hero Dance and music video games such as these were popular at the time of release because their game play simulated the actual activities like dancing and playing the guitar. Founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi in 1889
Manufacturer of playing cards
Begun their video game business with the Odyssey Game & Watch
Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Game Boy franchise
Nintendo 64
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo DS franchise
Wii franchise "Leave luck to heaven" Shigeru Miyamoto Creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, Star Fox, Animal Crossing, F-Zero, Ice Climbers, Nintendogs, etc.
Story games
Community games (1952) THE END
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