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chapter 8

mobile computing

matt makowski

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of chapter 8

Mobile Computing Portable tools like cell phones, notebooks, and PDA's
that allow the user to communicate with others and browse the web. PROS: Provide convenience and help user be more productive.
Instant access to internet anywhere anytime.
Some small enough to fit in your pocket, less parts you have to worry about Cons: Battery life limits the usefulness of mobile devices.
The screen is small/may make applications become difficult.
Lower connection speed compared to your home or office.
Mobile Computing Devices Cell Phones : price ranging from $50-$350. PDA's: price ranging from $100-$400. Smartphone's: price ranging from $200- $500
Tablet PC: price ranging from$300-$550 Notebook: Price ranging from $600-$1800 and up. PDA's Provides PIM capabilities,
access to application software
, and access internet. Often called handhelds. Most are touch screens , and
contain CPU's Provides voice, e-mail, limited
access to application software,
and internet connectivity. Most versitile 82% of Americans own
cell phones. Cell Phone Tablet PC Provides PIM capabilities, access to app
software, and access to internet. Speach and handwriting
recognition. Can be used in touch mode
traditional notebook mode Notebook Most powerful mobile computing
solution. 4GB more of RAM, 2 GHz
processor speed. Smartphones Device that allows you to carry and process digital info. Similar to PDA's Must use specially designed processors and operating system software Future of Mobile Computing Future of mobile computing Gaining popularity of Mobile
Computing provides privacy issues. Easier ways to cheat in school. Greater opportunity for hacking if lost.
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