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Interpretation: Knowing your Audience

No description

Lauren Swanson

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Interpretation: Knowing your Audience

Knowing Your

Who ARE these
NPS: Interpreters should understand their role to facilitate connections between resource meanings and audience interests.
Interpretation facilitates connections between the interests of the audience and the meanings
of the resource/topic.
Managing Your Audience:
Welcome Process
Getting to know them
Kids : Adults Ratio
(and managing)
Getting to know your audience...
So how to you do this with all of
these strangers?!?
Ask them questions!
Get there early!
Have a back up plan!
Try to learn names!
The Interpretive Equation
(Kr + Ka) x AT = IO
(Knowledge of the resource + Knowledge of the Audience)
x Appropriate Techniques
= Interpretive Opportunties
A host/hostess usually doesn't serve just one dish!
Stationary Programs
What to do about these issues:
The scowler
The sleeper
The know-it-all
The story teller
The skeptic
Managing Your Audience:
Guided Hikes
Welcome / Timing
Why are you here?
Warnings, routes, and what if's?
Basic needs
Group Size
The very first stop
How many stops?
What to do about these issues:
The fast walker
vs. The slow poker
The whiner
The Wanna-be Leader
The monopolizer
Quiet time and teachable moments - a GOOD thing!
A few parting items:
Bag of 'tricks'!
Safety first.
Be in charge!
wild Billy!
everyone is on your side :)
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