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The Red-Headed League Plot Diagram

No description

Rebecca Bailey

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of The Red-Headed League Plot Diagram

The Red-Headed League Plot Diagram
Rebecca Bailey
Mr. Wilson relays his tale to Sherlock and Dr. Watson of his job with the 'Red-Headed League' copying the Encyclopedia Britannica for four pounds a week.
Rising Action
Mr. Wilson tells about his assistant who works for half price and develops pictures in the basement.
Holmes and Watson go to the pawn shop and Holmes thumps the pavement and notices the shop assistants pant legs are dirty.
Sherlock takes note of the buildings around the shop and later tells Watson to meet him back at 221B Baker street (Cool place :) ) at 10 that night
Sherlock, Watson, Officer Jones, and a man from the bank wait in the cellar of the bank for an hour. At last their patience is rewarded when criminal John Clay and his accomplice attempt to steal gold from the bank but are taken into custody.
Falling Action
Once back at Baker street, Holmes recaps to Watson how he solved the crime.
1.) The Red-Headed League was a ploy to get Wilson out of the shop for a few hours a day.
2.) Spaulding used photography as an excuse to be in the basement to dig the tunnel to the bank.
3.) Saturday was the day the heist would occur, giving Clay time to escape before Monday.
Watson voices his admiration of Holmes for solving the case, who promptly replies it is merely to save himself from boredom.
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