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Roland Karoliny

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of sales

The second approach is obviously the one that is the most successful. To ensure that you are successful every time, stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, smile, give the person at the other end your full attention, have a pen and phone pad ready, now you are ready to answer the call.

“Can I ask your first name?”

“How did you hear about the club?”

“Are you exercising at the moment?”

“What’s your number one priority starting a fitness goal?”

“Would today or tomorrow suit you bets to have a tour of the
facility and run through the membership options?”

“I have to talk to my wife / husband”

 “Sure, I can understand, what I can do for you, is to pencil you in now and you can talk to your wife / husband, and you can rebook a time if it is not suitable. Can I schedule you in later today to come and have a look at our club?”  

“I’m just ringing around to get prices.” 

“What I would suggest for you to do, if you are serious about starting an exercise program, is to go and visit the clubs that are convenient for you. Every club has a different clientele, different facilities and different memberships. It gives you a better idea of the type of services a club can provide. Can I book you in today to see our club?”

“I’m only interested in cost”

“We have a number of different membership options. Probably the most logical thing to do, is to come down to the club and we can see which membership suit you best. Can I schedule you in later today to come down to the club?” 
“I’m too busy / I have no time” 

“When were you looking at beginning your exercise program?”
 “You mentioned that you were wanting to exercise on Wednesday nights, can I schedule you in for this Wednesday night to collect the information you need?”
 “What days were you going to exercise in the club? (weekends) Can I book you in this Saturday to collect the information that you need?”  

* IMPORTANT – ask for the appointment again, once you have provided a solution *

Remember that service sells and the sale begins with how well the customer is treated by the front line people and the membership team.

It costs about $100 to get a person to call the club. Therefore their call and first visit is very valuable to us.

If we let one enquiry go unattended per day, based on a membership only being $650 per year, this could cost the business $236,600 per year in loss of membership.
“If your business is flat today, it probably means you weren’t prospecting enough 90 days ago. Prospecting creates the pipeline for future business- it lays the foundations for tomorrow’s sales success.”

John McGrath

You can telemarket in a number of ways:

Conduct a survey

Information call
eg “We are calling to let you know we
are now running yoga classes, would
you be interested in trying a class”

Offering a trial pass
eg “We would like to invite you to
the club for 5 days to see if there is
something you will enjoy doing”

Offering a special joining offer

Lead boxes can be a great source of leads.
They work like a garden, the more you put into them, the more they will flourish.

Some tips to make lead boxes successful:
Collect them every 2-3 days
Build strong relationships with the manager and staff
Make sure the boxes are clean with pads and pens always available
Reciprocate the business relationship by putting their flyers in your new member packs
Track the leads and see which lead boxes work better
Boxes with less than 5 leads per week consistently need to be moved
Have an incentive program for the staff of the business – whoever gets the most leads for the month gets a free month membership

There are 2 types of referrals:

Word of mouth: people tell other people about you / your business
Member referrals: you obtain members friends name and numbers to book in a tour.

Outreach is a term referring to going outside the walls of your business to generate new clients.

The most common form is having a
stall at a shopping centre,
event or fete and
handing out flyers
or encouraging people to fill out their details to win a prize / obtain a trial pass.

Things you can do to prospect to ex members:

Call them every 3 months
Send them emails
Send them a special promotion twice a year

Chances are that they didn’t get started due to a situational reason eg financial, time, lack of motivation and may be in a better situation now

They have possibly already had a tour of the centre so just need to be encouraged to get started

Casual Visitors are a great source of leads for your prospecting activities.
They have used the centre and are interested in exercising so they have a fitness goal.
The day after someone has a work out give them a call to see how they enjoyed it and ensure they know about the current months promotion.
You have their details from the sign in register and if they don’t want to join add them to your email and mail out list for future promotions

Why did your prospect come in today?
Why not yesterday?
Why not last week?
There has been something specifically that has made this person come in today.
We need to spend time during the needs analysis to find out what the motivating factor has been

It will give them an understanding of the process and allow them to be more comfortable with it and not fear the unexpected
They will also be more open during the pre chat and you will be able to obtain more information to allow you to get the sale

"Hi John I’m Roland. What we are going to do is spend a few minutes to run through your exercise questionnaire to find out a little bit about what you have done in the past and what you want to achieve now. Then I’ll take you for a tour of the facilities and if you’re completely satisfied I’ll go over a couple of membership options for you to choose. How does that sound?”

Now that we have introduced the process to the customer and we know how to make them feel comfortable, we now need to ask specific questions to find out the problem so we can then be allowed to provide the solution for the prospect
The needs analysis is a time for you to ask questions and listen to your prospect


Ask an ice breaker question at the beginning of your needs analysis to make the customer feel comfortable and to get some information from them quickly

How did you find out about us?

What’s brought you in today?

Have you just popped in on your lunch break?

Do you live or work locally?

WHAT is your #1 priority?
WHERE are 2 or 3 other areas you are not happy with?
WHY do you wanna achieve this goal?
WHEN do you wanna achieve this goal by?
HOW would you fee if you wouldn't achieve this goal?

What is the motivation for someone to do something?
Is it to move towards pleasure? Eg look for a better job
Is it to move away from pain? Eg leave a job because you don’t enjoy it

It is important for you as a consultant to realize that you need to ask questions that may cause the person pain
This will be the right direction in getting them to commit to make a change in their life to obtain pleasure

The more questions you leave out the more likely you will get an objection at the price presentation section
Listen, take notes and use their words SALES SEMINAR Phone Inquiries Needs Analysis Prospecting 5 KEY QUESTIONS TIPS
Asking a caller about their goals is the most important question you can ask.

Most people will start a conversation or phone enquiry with “how much are your memberships?”. Reply back to them “sure, but can I ask you what results you would like to achieve by starting a fitness program?” You are now beginning a professional and meaningful conversation and building rapport while making a friend.

Booking an appointment at this point will be so much easier than simply stating the memberships and asking them to come in for an appointment

Instead of focusing on trying to book the appointment, you should be focusing on extracting as much information as possible from the caller. Otherwise you will not build rapport and booking an appointment will be difficult.
When booking appointments over the phone or in person, always opt to give the person two choices
“Would today or tomorrow suit you best?”
“Morning or afternoon?”
Chinese V’s Italian Example
It is very important even when you are unable to book an appointment, to ask how the person found out about the club.
The sources can then be tracked and owners and managers can find out which promotions are working so they can be run again, and which ones to scratch as they are not working ASKING THE APPOINTMENT BUILDING RAPPORT ASKING ABOUT GOALS ASK FOR SOURCE On the phone WHY TODAY? TIPS
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