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Cars in the future

No description

Ruby Cunningham

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Cars in the future

Cars in the future In years to come technology is almost guaranteed to be much more advance.
Cars will be able to do things that we can't even dream of now, this is not just
because want to get round quicker and have all types of new gadgets; it's
also because the fuels we depend on are rapidly running out so we need
to find a energy resource which is more sustainable. Flying Cars Rather than ....... Fossil fuels The fossil fuels we are using at the moment are non-renewable, this is why car designs in the future use hydrogen instead.

Hydrogen doesn't occur naturally on earth;it's currently made by methane or other fossil fuels.

However, it can be produced by things like, wind, solar and nuclear.

This is a good thing because we are running out of oil, it is becoming more and more hard to find.Hydrogen can be produced easier and it doesn't require us to take out one of the earths natural ingredients.

Future car designs look very extrodinary if we were to see them today, most people would think that it's not even possible what others have created in their imagination to bring to real life.
Thease are some cars designed for the future:

This car has solar cells infused in to the body shell, which helps to charge the all electric drive train-

This car only uses reclaimed or recycled materials to be made.The car is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell,which generates water as the final mechanical waste; the water can be stored in a tank for later use-

Car emissions are affecting and polluting our planet,about fifty one percent of carbon monoxide is placed in to the atmosphere by cars.The roads are becoming conjested due to the growing population,we are getting more and more traffic jams. There are twice the number of cars there was most likely several years ago, this is because now familys usually invest in more than one car.Some people are attempting to design a car which means it doesn't produce any emissions. Here is a image of a car that a student from the Royall College of art has designed for the company Citroen.

What will cars be like in the future ? Pherhaps like this..... Who knows..... You decide...... Solar Power
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