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Potential Energy

No description

GV Computer

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Potential Energy

Let's Start With Gravity
Gravitational potential energy is the thing we usually think of when someone mentions "potential energy". It's the energy an object possesses when acted on by the force of gravity. Generally, the higher up an object is from from the source of gravity, the higher GPE it has.
Make It Stretch
Elastic Potential energy is the energy built up when on object is stretched or deformed. The energy in the object is equal to the energy used to stretch it. This potential energy can be made kinetic by releasing the object back to its original state.
Now For OUR Example
We have designed a Rube-Goldberg machine to demonstrate ALL forms of potential energy.
A Rube-
A Rube-Goldberg machine is a device that takes way too much time and effort to achieve its simple gole, purely for the sake of entertainment.
Rube-Goldberg machine, on the other hand, does more than one simple task...
Potential Energy
What is Potential Energy?
Potential energy is essentially stored energy that has not been used yet. There are four types of potential energy.
Magnetic potential energy is the amount of pull both ends of a magnetic field have. When the magnetic field attracts something, it becomes kinetic energy until the attracted object leaves the magnetic field.
It's Chemistry
Chemical potential energy is energy that can be absorbed or released in a chemical reaction.
Examples include:
Birds (in flight)
Examples include:
Rubber bands
This person
Examples include:
Magnets to magnetic material
Magnetic strips
Examples include:
Nuclear Reactions
(atom splitting)
Compass needles
just chill homie.
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