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No description

Robert Floyd

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of FORTE

Retail Management
Take final stylist research and finds items from last season in different department stores such as Bergdofs, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Nordstrom
Styling and Brands
Study latest trends in fashion blogs and magazines
What is Forte?
Retail electronic shopping and mail order
What is Forte?
Forte means quick, powerful, or bold
Welcome to
Our mission is to deliver high fashion quickly and to provide customers with the highest satisfaction possible.
Our Top 3 Competitors
Le Tote
Rent The Runway
Makes educated decisions about what will work best for Savannah customers
Garment rentals range from $150-$300 for 3 days
Accessories can be bought for full retail price
Garments may also be purchased for a fraction of retail price
Special pricing available
Warehouse & Logistics
Organization of warehouse

Couriers and Logistics

Services available
Art Direction
Website updated regularly
to match current trends in
fashion world.
Advertising in local magazines
Print/Digital Catalog with
current selection

Two interviews

Code of Ethics
Human Resources
Start up Costs = $1.8 Million

Projected Revenues:
Financial Stuff
2014 - $547,000
2015 - $738,000
2016 - $996,752
2017 - $1.5 Million
2018 - $2.3 Million
Thank You!
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