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Sabrina Banh

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of Deforestation

Deforestation affected less than 0.02 percentage of Canada forests in 2005
Release of Greenhouse Gases
Disrupted Water Cycles
Reasons for Deforestation
Solutions For the Government

Enforcement of the laws against deforestation

Invest in the plantation of new trees

The international community should be funding rainforest protection
Solutions For the People
Use of recycled or certified wood products

Boycott companies which have been known to participate in deforestation

"Educate" your surrounding
Effects of Deforestation on the Environment
Reduced Biodiversity

What is Deforestation?
Reduced Biodiversity
Release of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Disrupted Water Cycles
Increased Soil Erosion
Disrupted livelihoods
The clearing of trees of a massive scale that creates harm to the environment

Forests in Brazil
Forest in British Colombia
Production of paper and plup
Creation of land space for population
Name the two major reasons for deforestation?
Paper and Pulp
Space for houses and buildings

Amazon deforestation increased by one-third during the year of 2013 after years of decline
Rainforest in Brazil could entirely vanish in the next 100 years.
Seventy percent of the world’s plants and animals live in forests and are losing their habitats to deforestation.
Reduced Biodiversity
Greenhouse Gases
Deforestation causes 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
Water Cycle
Trees no longer evaporate groundwater, which can cause the local climate to be much drier.
During the last
40 years
, about
of the Brazilian rainforest has been cut down.

Some experts feared that during the
next two decades
another 20%
of forest will disappear.
How did Brazil achieve such a big change???
reduction of carbon emission.
promoting the transition to a low-carbon economy.
Canadas deforestation rate account for only 0.4 precent of global deforestation
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