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Untitled Prezi

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Mz Heard Foreva

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By:Khaila Heard My Best Friends Amariyah Brumfield Dejonae Price Bianka Robinson Camarii Tellis Asyria Pryor Deja Tooks Cyerra Caldwell She's my best friend because I knew her since k5 and we have talking and hanging out ever since. Me and Amariyah can never be mad at each other because whenever I say I'm sorry like a thousand times she would be like Khaila okay I forgive you and we would hug and we would act like nothing ever happened. Dejonae is another one of my best friends because I also knew her for a long time also even though I don't see her as much as I see Amariyah she's still my BFF. Bianka is a really good friend and she is very hilarious. She makes people laugh when she's not even trying to be funny she is the best Asyria is also hilarious we can never be mad at each other because whenever we're mad at each other we are back together within about 5 min because we are that cool together. Sometimes I don't forgive her because our arguments are really serious and I just stop talking to her period. Camarii is my best friend because we always hang out together and we can never get mad at each other because we are back together she makes those funny faces and funny sounds that's just cracks me up and I start dying laughing. I also knew Deja since I was in K5 and we have been getting in to a rough start lately over somethings but we get over it and we act like it never happened. I still talk to her though. Cyerra is a very good friend and she always says things to me when I'm mad or something. Me and Cyerra have this little clique like whenever me or her are mad at somethings we just say things to make the other feel better.
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