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ana agredo

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Prezi

According to the Prezi website, prezi is defined as “A cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas.”

Prezi was invented to be an alternative and fun way to present presentations, and it is completely different from PowerPoint.

Prezi was also based on a zooming program, ZUI; however, it became known for its zooming characteristic, and it states on the website “Anyone could zoom in a presentation.”

Prezi was created on April 2009.

The founders are: Peter Arvai, Peter Halacsy, and
Adam Somlai-Fischer.

Prezi is mostly used for:

Business and conferences
Information visualization

What is Prezi?
To write your information
Click on the board
and select the font, size, and color.
To insert a frame
Go to Frames and Arrows
to make a

Go to www.prezi.com
Log in if you have an account
Put your email and password
If you don't have one:
Go to "Get Started"
Get free access by clicking on Public
Fill the blanks with your
To create a presentation:
Click on "New Prezi"
Select the best template for your information
This is the board where you will work on.
How to create
a Prezi Presentation
The Founders

from Sweden
a computer scientist

Peter Arvai
Peter Halacsy
Adam Somlai-Fischer
from Hungary
an architect and interaction designer
graduated from University of Hungary; then moved to Seattle.

from Sweden
Attended Stockholm University in Sweden
Masters in Business Administration.

used mostly by business people and students.
organize information for presentations.
incorporate images, texts, sounds, videos, and charts.


User friendly
Familiarity - Taught in schools
Great control over possibilities of slide
designs (colors, backgrounds, fonts,
Printed handouts
Good for charts and data presentations


● Linear format (scripted and unadaptable for audience)
● Jumping from slides to slides is hard
● People will use only basic features and not optimize all the possibilities => presentations can look bland
● Large file size


● Limited design options (each template has pre-chosen background and font that cannot be changed)
● Overuse of zooming
● Cost (need to upgrade in other to keep presentations private and run the software on desktop)


Mind-mapping layout (show bigger picture and create interrelationship between ideas)
Non-linear learning => Flexibility
Internet-based => No worries about technical problems
Become lively <= Animations and swirling movements create impact and intrigue

Which one to use

● timely limited
● need to deliver complicated information, data, charts quick and simple


● have time to learn
● want to create dynamic impacts
● want to deliver ideas creatively and visually

Ana Agredo
Haifa Alhumaid
Lilian Liu
Skyler Yang
Difference from Power point
Over 30 billion people used Prezi in 2013.

The goal of the company, Prezi, is to target business users because they need a successful presentation that is in high quality.

Prezi also is created to target college and university students because after graduating school they become job seekers. In order to find a good job, having the skills to create Prezi is considered necessary.

Prezi is expanding their marketing share especially in Asia. Even though there are a lot of people in Asia, the marketing share did not expand. Therefore, Prezi targeted South Korea.

To attach a video from Youtube
To attach
an image
Including symbols...
To finish your Prezi...
Edit Path
Click on the board and move the frame
Go to insert, then image
Choose the picture from your computer
Move it
Go to insert -> Youtube Video
Paste the link
Insert -> Symbols and Shapes
Go to Save it
Click on Exit
Choose Present Remotely
Background Information
"Prezi - Presentation Software." Prezi.com. N.d. Web. Apr. 07 2014.
Prezi website focuses on introducing the key elements of how to use Prezi and what is Prezi. It gives brief explanations on the people that created Prezi and the processes for creating a Prezi presentation. This website is the key source of the basic background behind Prezi and making Prezi.
Engwell, Steve. "Prezi vs Powerpoint Final." Prezi vs Powerpoint Final. LinkedIn, Nov. 02, 2013.Web. Apr. 05, 2014.

Engwell’s presentation focuses on the aspect of advantages and disadvantages between Prezi and PowerPoint.

Prezi and Powerpoint. He analyzes the similarities and difference between the two softwares in detail and gives the audience a much clearer understanding about them.

Metatron LTD. "The Best Prezi Presentation Ever!" YouTube. YouTube, Jan. 21, 2013. Web. Apr. 08, 2014.

The video gives an example of how a Prezi presentation should look like, what can it do and the purpose of using Prezi instead of PowerPoint.

Noar, Adam. "Presentation Tips | PowerPoint vs. Prezi." Presentation Panda. Adam Noar, Feb. 21, 2013. Web. Apr. 05, 2014.
Noar’s post also talks about the advantages and disadvantages between Prezi and Powerpoint. However, his points focus more on personal familiarities with the softwares and from them each individual makes a choice of which software to use.

Shepherd, Jeanette. "Prezi vs Powerpoint." Prezi.com. Prezi Inc. Oct. 03, 2012. Web. Apr. 07, 2014.
Shepherd’s presentation gives the audience statistic data about the percentages of people choosing to use Prezi or Powerpoint. She also gives information about the satisfaction percentages.
Users in the World
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