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Scriptura Engage - Solution

Template: Engaging in customer conversation

Inventive Designers

on 7 September 2011

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Transcript of Scriptura Engage - Solution

customer organization Who they are Their value What they say How they feel Their potential Their loyalty Targets Budgets Resources Processes Compliance Competitors TENSION The philosophy Without strategy This controlled chaos gets the message across, but that’s not enough anymore. We need to make an impact, we need to the customer! ENGAGE ENGAGE = Show engagement Trigger a reaction Make an effort to understand Organization Customer How should we do that? Not like this But like this By personalizing communication with the help of intelligence, we now have the tools to accomplish a perfect win-win and ease the tension. Engage in Customer conversation Geert Segers
June 9th 2011 The new consumers can no longer be approached by brands who do not them. UNDERSTAND This creates a between the needs of the consumer and those of the organization. TENSION How can we find a common gain in these needs? Organization Use Choose Search Service Sell Inform Customer Closed Loop 360° view One central
communication platform Use Choose Search Service Sell Inform You now know WHY,
but not HOW! Organization Customer Closed Loop 360° view Scriptura Engage Use Choose Search Service Sell Inform "Scriptura Engage" Klaas Bals, CTO
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