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Laos Prezi

My Prezi Presentation

Sanna Walden

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of Laos Prezi

My Presentation! Geography Laos is 236,800 sq. km. and is slightly larger that Utah The capital of Laos is Vientiane In Laos there are rugged mountains, alluvial plains, and plateaus Climate There is rainy season, which is May to November; and dry season, which is November to April Where is Laos? . Laos is in the middle of China, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, and Cambodia What lanugage do people speak in Laos? The people in Laos speak Lao, French, English, and several other languages. Laos look like? Well... and... HISTORY! The first Laotian state was founded in the 14th century, the Lan Xang kingdom ruled Laos until 1713, when it split into three kingdoms. ON LAOS! ON Laos! More History What Does Culture Laos practices Buddhism. Some of the Laotian kings were important supporters of Buddhism. Lao Clothing The clothing’s color has bright colors, such as pink, yellow, and/or blue. The clothing has beautiful embroidering on the clothing. there are round hats, long sleeved shirts, and beads on skirts and hats. The Men wore simple pants, vests and shirts, a brightly colored sash at the waist, both men and women wore. The long-sleeved shirt for the men was Chinese style.
and poofy hats A paratroop captain seized Vientiane and demanded the development of a neutralist government to the end of fighting, in 1960. The communist people’s party renamed itself the LPRP (Lao People’s Revolutionary Party) in 1972 The LPRP joined a new union government in Laos, after the the cease fire agreement in Vientiane in 1973. Food Sticky rice is the main thing that the Lao people eat. They prefer to eat sticky rice rather then the cooked white rice. almost all Lao dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients, wheather it's vegatables or meat. One of the most common Lao dishes is Laab. another Lao food is Tum Mak Hung
or Tum Som in Laos
or Som Tum in Thailand Oua si khai - Lemongrass stalks stuffed with minced meat Entertainment They play soccer They also like boat racing and boxing
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