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Behind the Runway

No description

Madison Kinnard

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Behind the Runway

Behind the Runway
A gallery that takes you behind the scenes of a fashion show
Target Audience
The Experience
The Catwalk
Media Interpretive Plan
To advance the knowledge of fashion by taking visitors behind the scenes of
a typical fashion show
Mimics the look of backstage fashion
Behind the Runway will provide opportunities for the visitors to go through the steps of becoming "runway ready" with the aid of various media applications.
Enter the gallery as you walk up the runway and go behind the curtain, and leave the gallery as you experience walking down the catwalk "runway ready." See your photo on the runway screens and hear applause.
A very effective use of media to immerse the visitors in the culture of fashion, in particular fashion shows. It is exciting, engaging, and hands-on, as it opens up to the public what is usually a very exclusive space.
High school & college
females, ages 14-21
Adult females 22+; interest in fashion
Our target audience has an interest in fashion and how to style themselves.
White walls, high ceilings, camera lights
Makeup, clothes, hair tools, directors chairs
Active experience:
feel, play, use
Most stations are individual,
but one is group
Learn about the various makeup brushes, in terms of what each is called, how they feel, and what kind of makeup application they are used for.
Practice makeup application
Explore current fashion trends and try on combinations of clothing and accessories that mesh well together.
Digital Hairstyling Game
Interactive Clothing Capture Closet
Understand how much effort (and manpower) goes into getting one model runway ready by playing a digital hair styling game in competition with others.
Why Physical Artifacts?
Physical Artifacts & Labels
Low-Tech: Mirrors
Advantages of Audiovisual Media
Well suited to the presentation of sequential material
Can capture realism and provide emotional impact
Provides opportunities for dramatization
Madison Kinnard
Nara Sakornwimon
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