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interior design education


So Hee Moon

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of interior design education

WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE DESIGN? Sustainable design becomes intense when an interior designer works the global marketplace. A lot of countries have had focus on sustainable environment, net zero energy buildings, and have established regulations to help problems associated with sustainable development. INTERIOR DESIGNERS CONTRIBUTE A UNIQUE EXPERTISE TO SUSTAINABLE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Schematic design INTEGRATED DESIGN PROCESS Developing the project's goals, objectives, and priorities within the context of sustainability.
Researching applicable building codes, laws, and standard.
Gathering information and analyzing the data collected. Integrated design process involves collaborating with numerous stakeholders and designing the built environment from a holistic perspective. it includes understanding how the built environment globally affects people, economy, and the natural environment. Creative common image from renaissance ronin blog The schematic phase is the ideal stage for creating the integration between a community, the site, and built environment.
As the architects, interior designers, and engineers conduct multiple brainstorming sessions for developing ideas. Design development The details of the project are developed and specifications are delineated. Postoccupancy evaluation A process for determining user satisfaction with the environment and success of the built. environment and functional out
Commissioning for LEED performance against set standards. Pre-design INTEGRATED DESIGN AND THE VALUE OF THE INTERIOR DESIGN PROFESSION'S KNOWLEDGE Knowledge of human behavior interior environment : efficiencies = smaller sq ft = less building = less material consumed and less energy to heat / cool Providing evidence that the effects of nature on human health and well-being extend beyond emotional and cognitive functioning to social behavior and productivity satisfaction.
SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
SBS (sick building syndrome)
VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
IAQ (indoor air guilty) Human health effects of Human nature effects of Global warming
Green house
Changing landscape Creative commons: http://www.tricitypsychology.com/how-to-weather-post-election-blues-seasonal-affective-disorder-economic-downturn/ Creative Commons / tranchis. Flu, Sick, Sneeze The upgraded El Segundo Refinery will spew out an estimated 38 tons of volatile organic compounds each year. (Creative Commons) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/au/ Global warming; photo from google creative commons ONE OF THE KEY AIMS FOR SUSTAINABLE INTERIOR IS TO BE COST EFFICIENT IN THE LONG TERM. Life cycle costs are calculated
and used in decision making. Energy Water Material Nuclear energy
Solar energy Water reclamation and reuse
Ultra-low-flow water closets
Rainwater harvesting Selecting products with recycled
Specifying rapidly renewable materials LOWER COSTS BUSINESS PRACTICE Global independence
Cost-benefit analysis
Environmental regulation and the designer EX) Forest will increase the price of lumber and eventually will raise the cost of furniture. Governments have enacted polices and legislation to help protect the health of people and the used of natural resources. Benefits can include products, services, improved productivity of employee, and employment opportunities. Social justice can improve by making all services more accessible to all people. Quality of life
Local identity
Community spirit and safe E N V I R N O M E N T E C O O N M Y P E O P L E This work by Rohan Chakravarty is licensed under a Creative Commons ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY AND PROTECTION FROM MISTREATMENT OR DISCRIMINATION All users with abundant natural light
Privacy between buildings
Out side of view
Accommodate with physical limitation (ADA) Fair labor & fair trade Ease of mobility and demographic forces
creating new worker demands for quality of life improvements
employers can leverage to attract and retain high performing employees SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION Poverty as a cycle Poor housing conditions
Poor access to health care facilities
Environmental injustice Diversity Tribe
Age Gender
Religion INTERGENERATION EQUITY Future generations will be adequately compensated for any loss of environmental amenity by having alternative sources of wealth creation. E C O O N M Y E N V I R O N M E N T P E P O L E Intergenerational equity is when over the long term, environmental social and economic opportunities for all are preserved. Local production of materials
Energy, water, material and maintenance efficiencies are deserved. INTERIOR DESIGNER CONTRIBUTE REDUCTION OF NEGATIVE IMPACTS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE. Free children making a star with hands creative commons - © Pink SherbetPhotography Mykl Roventine/Creative Commons Creative Commons: The Earth Belongs To You by Love, Sophia. Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons, holding on ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY Photo: Jack Hebert (Flickr, Creative Commons) Unintentionally-ironic paper dolls borrowed from the consultants at Akashi.us Contract documentation & administration Contract documents for a project including working drawings, specification, and schedules.
Projects undergo a bidding process. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, Created by allfreevectors Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, Created by downloadfreevector. SUSTAINABLE BEARABLE VIABLE EQUITABLE EQUITABLE BEARABLE VIABLE SUSTAINABLE The goal for the design team is to acquire information regarding the extraction and refining of raw materials; manufacturing process; operational costs of the product. Creative Commons rights reserved by Laurent Neyssensas http://www.officesnapshots.com/2012/03/13/designing-workspaces-for-creativity/ Workplace Diversity – Google Creative Commons CREATIVE COMMONS, FLICKR / TAX CREDITS Hugging Earth. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons Creative Commons, Sustainable Greenhouse Industry Area Development woodley wonderworks/nopsa.hiit.fi under creative commons
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