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Why should we wear seatbelts?

a persuasive presentation

Kristina Poluyanova

on 10 April 2011

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Transcript of Why should we wear seatbelts?

Why should we wear seatbelts? "Car accidents are the leading cause of death, as well as loss of work time." According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 43,000 people are killed in automobile crashes and traffic accidents. Sixty-three percent of these deaths occur due to not wearing seat belts.
Reasons for wearing seatbelts: save lives (wearing seatbelts increases chances of survivng by 50 %)

better stability of driving position

limit injuries

Reasons for wearing seatbelts:

more control of a car

reduce the amount of children dead in the car accidents

National crash shows that if a driver is buckled up children are buckled up ninety four percent of the time.

However when the driver is unbuckled, children buckled up only thirty percent of the time.)

Reasons for wearing seatbelts: better impact absorption capabilities

saving billions of dollars on medical and employment issues

The first seat belt law began in 1984 Why do people refuse to wear seatbelts? "I'm only going to the shopping center."
80% of traffic fatalities occur within 25 miles of home and under 40 miles an hour.

"I won't be in an accident: I'm a good driver."
Your good driving record will certaily help you avoid accidents. But even if you're a good driver, a bad driver may still hit you.
Why do people refuse to wear seatbelts? "I'm afraid the belt will trap me in the car."

Statistically, the best place to be during an accident is in your car. If you're thrown out of the car, you're 25 times more likely to die.

"They're uncomfortable."

Modern safety belts can be made so comfortable that you may wonder if they really work. Most of them give when you move - a device locks them in place only when the car stops suddenly
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