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Gap Analysis of Employee Relations Activities

No description

Alisa Jokisch

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Gap Analysis of Employee Relations Activities

What is it Measuring?
Alisa Jokisch
MGT 538
December 9, 2013

Tool 24:
Gap Analysis of Employee Relations Activities

Employee Relations Activity
Recognize unions
Develop partnership agreements
Maintain effective industrial relations procedures
Resolve disputes
Negotiate terms and conditions
Provide employees with a voice
What We Are Doing
What We Should Be Doing
How We Should Fill the Gap
Is the Tool Effective?
Who is participating?
Size of group
Years of work experience

Why these participants?
Wide range of 'voices'
Variety of knowledge
HR professionals
Line managers and employees
Type of setting
Anonymous participants
Open and honest answers
Group forum
Innovative ideas bounced of one another
Builds relationships and breaks communication barriers

Reviewing Results
Determining pertinent information

Group by topic
What are we doing
What we should be doing
How we fill the gap
Find like answers
Every response is important
Reviewing Results
Employees may not relate to all activities
Thoughts can still be given
Tool as a whole still useful

Were the activities explained clearly?
All parties understood what they were evaluating
Conversations did not sway from topic
Develop Strategic HR Practices
5 Typical areas of written strategy
Implementation plan
Costs and benefits analysis
Putting the Plan into Action
HR Development
Business strategy built on the growth of employees

Formulate an organizational and individual learning culture

Key elements

How do HR Professionals benefit?
Required support
Included in development process
Properly trained with resources readily available
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