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Welcome To The Bahamas

No description

Amy Waine

on 22 March 2018

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Transcript of Welcome To The Bahamas

In The Bahamas they eat seafood,fish,shellfish,lobster,crab,and conch.They also eat fruits,rice,peas,pigeon peas,potatoes,and pork.Pigeon peas have 703 calories.In Italy they are 203 calories.
Education in The Bahamas is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16.As of 2003,the school attendance rate was 92% of the literacy rate.The government fully controns 158 of the 210 main.Secondary schools in The Bahamas.
Nassau is a pretty place.It is most likely like Miami.Freeport is a pretty place also.March Harbour is not the best,but it has a lot of water and boats.
The laws are free.Just like they are here in Birmingham,Alabama.The only rule is you can't steal or you will die.
You only wear bright colors.You can wear dark but they mostly expect bright.They can represent the flag.They also make dark but they can make it look dark.

If you try to fly in The Bahamas you'll have a bit of trouble flying.You fly,walk,and drive.The sand when you walk sand gets in your toes but it's worth it.

Welcome To The Bahamas
Kimbo Slice died in 2016.Debbie Ferguson-Mckenzie is a Bahamian athlete.Shakara Ledard is a Bahamian model.
The Bahamas flag looks like this:
The flag was adopted on Jul.10,1973.The flag's colors are black,yellow and blue.
Major Cities
In The Bahamas you play tennis,football,rugby,soccer,and track/field.In tennis they use regular tennis ball that we use in the Birmingham,Alabama.In sport rugby it is really interesting.It's like soccer but using a soft football.In soccer they have a regular soccer ball.In track/field they run.
They celebrate New Years Day(Jan.1st),Majority Rule Day(Jan.10th),Good Friday(Friday before Easter Sunday),Easter Monday(Monday after Easter Sunday),Whit Monday(Seventh Monday after Easter),Randol Fawless Labor Day(first Friday in June),and Bahamas Independence Day(July 10th).Whit Monday is May 21.Good Friday is March 30,and another celebration is Emancipation Day on August 2.
Technology runs faster in The Bahamas.But if your in the wrong place it's for technology to run.
The only languages the people speak in in The Bahamas is spanish.It is easy for Bahamians to translate spanish and English.That's what some Bahamians are taught when they are born.
The population for The Bahamas is:388,018.Only in 2015.The population this year is 408,421.
The Bahamas unit of currency is the Bahamian dollar ($B).Which is based on the U.S. dollar.One Bahamian dollar equals 100 Bahamian pennies.
Queen Elizabeth ll is the head of the Bahamian coutry.She is represented ceremonially by a Bahamian governor-general.She is who acts on the advice of the prime minister and the cabinet.
An animal in The Bahamas is a yellow throat.It is one of the most common animal.It has a golden color with black.The torso is gold and the rest of the body is black.
By:Jordyn Robinson
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