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NEKD Marketing Research Presentation

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on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of NEKD Marketing Research Presentation

Mental Health and Well-Being has its roots in the community. Presentation of the findings of
Research conducted to determine
the awareness of
Mental Health and Well-Being
in the community of Ballyduff, Co. Kerry In-depth Interview: Mike Moriarty, Psychiatric Nurse 1. To determine if a community can have a positive impact on a person suffering from mental health issues.

Maintaining Mental Health & Well-Being

Aid and sustain positive mental health IN-DEPTH INTERVIEW OBJECTIVES Qualitative Research Findings
Focus Group & In-depth Interview FOCUS GROUP 1. Objectives

2. Secondary Research Findings

3. Qualitative Research Findings

4. Quantitative Research Findings

5. Recommendations

Q&A Session Presentation Topics six Research Objectives:

1. To examine which initiatives the Ballyduff community feel would most enhance Mental Health and Well-Being

2. To identify whether the Ballyduff community can differentiate between Mental Health and Mental Illness

3. To identify which population segments the community of Ballyduff feel would most benefit from MHWB supports Research Objectives Secondary Research Objectives:

1. To learn more about Ballyduff, its residents and the local amenities

2. To examine the economic costs of poor mental health

3. To Ascertain what Suicide Prevention Training is available in Ireland

4. To examine the effects of the recession on mental health

5. To analyse previous research conducted in the area of Community Mental Health and Well-Being Secondary Research 1. Ballyduff, its residents and the local amenities Health: (Census 2011)
83% “Good to Very Good” figures.
Only 3% “Bad to Very Bad”.

Overall, Ballyduff is a very healthy village Prepared for: 2. To examine the economic cost of poor mental health Mental Health problems cost Irish economy €2.5 billion
Recession is contributing to growth in the rate of suicide in Ireland
525 people took their own lives in 2011
Kerry has a suicide rate “50% greater than the national average”
80 people took their own lives in Kerry between 2009 and 2011 In a 2012 survey, 55% claimed some experience of mental health problems
This is an increase of 16% from 2010, which is likely due to the recession
This theory is supported by the 58% claiming to be financially worse off than in 2010
Unemployment can cause or exasperate financial hardship
Almost 28% of the population of Ballyduff were unemployed LivingWorks offers three suicide prevention courses through the HSE's National Office for Suicide Prevention:

safeTALK: Three hour training programme that educates participants how to identify people with suicidal thoughts and to put them in contact with people who are trained in ASIST

ASIST: Two day programme which educates participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform suicide first aid, intervention and prevention.

suicideTALK: is a short programme designed for a teenage (15-17) target audience. It explores suicide awareness and prevention. It is structured to be challenging but not as intense as safeTALK and ASIST. 3. Suicide Prevention Training Authors: Damien Culhane, Elaine Shine, Gerard O’Brien and Zara O’Dowd Quantitative Research Findings 4. To ascertain whether the Ballyduff community feels that the Community of Excellence initiative will have a positive impact

5. To ascertain whether the Ballyduff community are aware of the Mental Health supports in the area.

6. To measure the impact of the General Mental Health talk held in Buds Family Resource Centre 2. To determine who the initiative should target from a
mental health professional's perspective.

Entire Ballyduff community

Teens: Tend to only discuss mental health issues with other teens

Men: Less likely to discuss mental health issues: "perceived to be less of a man if they do" To determine if the Community of Excellence in Mental Health and Well-Being will have a positive impact on the Ballyduff community. To ascertain what programs/talks should be held in Ballyduff to aid Mental Health and Well-Being.

Information Night

Mens group

Teen Group

Anxiety Talk To determine who the initiative should target from the participants perspective.

Everyone in the community


Young Parents Already having a positive effect
“so far it’s been very good and very positive”
(FEMALE 35-45)
A discussion topic in the community Ballyduff Population: 868 made (433 Male/435 Female)
The population has dropped by 6% from 921 in 2006.
Possibly due to out migration/emigration
61.5% difference in young males (20 -24) and young females 1. Mental Health & Well-Being Group

Self-help Group - Guest Speakers RECOMMENDATIONS 2. Advertising

Local Radio
Parish Newsletter

3. Talks/training that should be offered to the Ballyduff community

safeTALK, suicideTALK & ASIST

Information Night Any Questions? 4. To examine the effects of the recession on mental health 5. Other research in the area of Community Mental Health and Well-Being The Rural Mental Health Project
A cross-border, cross community project which began in 1999.
Raphoe, Co. Donegal and Draperstown, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
Aimed to promote positive Mental Health and Well-Being and reduce suicide rates
Training: ASIST, General & Youth Mental Health and Stress Management

The project was very successful with outcomes including:
An increased awareness of suicide and mental health, especially in males
A positive change in community attitudes to mental health
Reduced stigma towards seeking help for mental health issues Knowledge Acceptance Understanding These findings are a combination of results gathered from our three questionnaires.

Launch Night

Active Retirement Group

Pre & Post General Mental Health Talk
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