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Indiana University Jones

No description

P240 Encino Man

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Indiana University Jones

IU Jones catches wind of the Arrowhead of Wisdom and starts to research its possible resting place He heads to the Jordan Greenhouse,
which was built on the burial grounds near the Miami village But unfortunately he leaves empty-handed Jones heads back to the library, looking for clues. The librarian points him towards an unabridged
history of Indiana University, which, naturally, has never been opened by another student. Inside
he finds a map - a clue to finding the Arrowhead The map leads him to the Student Building, which
was built on top of the Miami chief's wigwam Digging through the bowels of the Student
Building, Jones is determined to find out
what lies below... But no matter how far down he goes... ...he keeps hitting dead ends... On his way out of the Student Building, Jones is apprehended by the Dean of Students,
who was alerted by his janitorial spies that Jones was sneaking around campus Having long suspected that the Arrowhead of Wisdom lies beneath the Student Building,
Dean von Streissen knows immediately what Jones is up to. He interrogates Jones but
comes away with nothing, as Jones has a quick excuse for his whereabouts With some quick research, Jones learns that a cavern used to exist where the Student Building
now stands. The cavern was flooded when the Jordan River was diverted... ...so Jones knows there's only one way in. But Dean von Streissen has a few tricks up his sleeve The Dean has sent his step-daughter Natalie to seduce Jones and report back on his progress. von Streissen plans to let Jones find the Arrowhead and then confiscate it Jones and Natalie prepare to dive into the cave in search of the lost relic Jones Finds the Arrowhead of Wisdom inside the cavern

On his way out, the Dean stops him and confiscates the Arrowhead, but the President of the University intervenes
...with the condition that it remains on display in the IU
Art Museum The President returns the Arrowhead to the modern Miami Indian tribe
of Southern Indiana...
Indiana University Jones
Gillian The Miami Indians originally lived in Indiana, Illinois, and southern Michigan at the time of European arrival. Miami Indians were present in
Monroe County IU Jones:
Isaac Ulysses "IU" Jones
Born in Alexandria 1991
Father is a British Egyptologist stationed in Cairo
Broke into a Cairo museum looking for a treasure map
Sent to Indiana University for his schooling as punishment
Wants to get out of school as soon as possible... Dean Johann von Streissen
Dean of Students
Hates students
Dreams of becoming President of IU
Insanely power-hungry Natalie Jane Pritchard
Dean von Streissen's step-daughter
Over-eager to please her step-father
Junior at IU studying archaeology
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