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5th grade science lesson

inherited trait or learnd behavior

Pamela Flores

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of 5th grade science lesson

Ok, now take a look at your list...how many of your descriptions sound like someone else in your family? *How many people in your family can play soccer? Maybe one or two? BUT...how many people in your family have brown eyes? Chances are more of your family has brown eyes than can play soccer.
*The color of your eyes is an INHERITED trait from your parents or grandparents...however you LEARNED how to play soccer. How would you describe your self? *You might say that you have brown hair and brown eyes, and that you can play soccer.
*Make a list of words that describe you.... How is an inherited trait different from a learned behavior? Vocabulary to know:
-Inherited trait
-Learned Behavior
-Instinct Humans and other animals are mixture of learned behaviors and inherited traits. That's what makes you...YOU! *Physical characteristics are inherited traits that are passed on from parent to offspring (baby). What are inherited traits?? -Eye color
-Hair color
-Curly or straight hair
-Freckles Inherited Behaviors: *A behavior is a way of acting. Behaviors can be inherited too.
*Inherited behaviors are called instincts.
*Many animals are born with instincts that help them survive.
*Can you think of any animal instincts? Or An Inherited Trait? Is It A Learned Behavior... Examples of Inherited behaviors: *When the weather turns chilly in the fall, animals prepare for the winter by instinct.
Some animals head for warmer climates during the winter. Other animals find a safe spot and curl up for a long sleep.
No one taught these animals how to survive winters. They know
what to do by instinct. Tell me more about learned behaviors: *How many of you are faster at texting than your parents or other adults?
*This is a learned behavior....you taught yourself how to text...you did not inherit it from your parents. Learned Behaviors can be good for us and sometimes not so good for us; *Eating healthy and exercising are learned behaviors that benefit us.
*Bad eating habits and not staying active are learned behaviors that can harm us. Animals can learn learned behaviors too!! *teaching your dog to sit, roll over and shake are all learned behaviors. Lets Review: *An inherited trait is a physical characteristic that is passed from parents to their babies (offspring).
*A behavior is a way of acting.
*Inherited behaviors are called instincts.
*Learned behaviors are not inherited but learned from others. Which one is an inherited Trait? A. Liking the color Green
B. Having curly hair
C. Wearing your hair in a ponytail
D. Liking chocolate Which of these can you change? A. your instincts
B. your learned behavior
C. your inherited traits
D. your inherited behaviors Which of these is a learned behavior? A. Having blue eyes
B. hibernating during the winter
C. being a fast texter
D. being really tall Conclusion: *Great job!!! now you know the difference between inherited traits and learned behaviors! TEKS:
(b) Knowledge and skills. (10) Organisms and environments. The student knows that organisms undergo similar life processes and have structures that help them survive within their environments. The student is expected to:

(B) differentiate(A) compare the structures and functions of different species that help them live and survive such as hooves on prairie animals or webbed feet in aquatic animals; between inherited traits of plants and animals such as spines on a cactus or shape of a beak and learned behaviors such as an animal learning tricks or a child riding a bicycle So What's The Difference Between Inherited Traits And Behavioral Traits??? *Grab your earlobe....is your earlobe attached or detached?
*This is an inherited trait...
*Now lets try something else.....
**That is an inherited behavior**
Breathing and jumping when someone scares you are examples too. We hold our breath underwater because.. A. Learned Behavior
B. Inherited Trait
C. Inherited Behavior *we'll use the example of brown eyes and soccer
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