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The process of Production, distribution and exhibition in th

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Jack Malden

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of The process of Production, distribution and exhibition in th

The process of Production, distribution and exhibition in the film industry
Distribution is everything that happens in between production and exhibition, this involves acquiring legal rights, marketing and distribution copies of the movie to stores.

The aim is to get as many people to watch the production as possible through advertising posters, tv etc.

The advertising stages are known as marketing the production,
For the marketing to be successful, make as many sales of the production as possible.
The production should be marketed towards the right people, for example disney films should be targeted towards children and their families.

It would be difficult to market a production if it is of a low budget or if their was no renowned star in the movie.
Distributing in the UK
Five major distributors are currently dominating the UK film industry, these five distributors are:
United International Pictures
Entertainment one UK
Twentieth Century Fox

Roughly 9/10 films seen in the UK are distributed by these companies as of last year, a film in the UK can cost between a few thousand to 4 or 5 million

The other film distributors have to compete with these larger distributors for the bigger films.
Key areas of distribution
Release timing is important in the film industry due to significant seasonality in box office figures, school holidays play a role in the success of a film. Release dates can be made years in advance.

Films are released in "release windows", this keeps different instances of a film from competing with another.

Standard release - the film is first released in the cinema and then after approximately 16 and a half weeks it is then released of to a dvd, adter an additonal number of months it can then be streamed on demand and netflix.
Films can also be released straight on to dvd.
Production is the funding and the making of new movies.

Development: Development is where the production team will come together to discuss the finance, the script, the stars, the director, other key crew and actors and the role of the producer.

Pre-Production: Pre-production is the finalization of the script, scheduling, budgeting, crew contracts, story boarding, location scouting and equipment hire.

Production: Production is the cinematography by the DOP, Production design by the art designers, Actors acting for the production and the addition of sound, also editing and the costumes for the actors.

Post production: Post production is the editing, also including the re shoots and the sound effects, for example the addition of booms and pows, also the use of music would also be added in during post production.
Areas of distribution continued...
Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a films distribution and there are many ways to market a film including posters and trailers.

A film distributor needs to find the unique selling point of a view before marketing the movie and decide on the potential audience of the movie.

After this they will look at such things as stars in the movie and special effects, also see who the director of the movie is.

This then allows the distributor to make a decision on the positioning of the film in the market place.
Blanket Release
High concept films are usually given what is called a saturation or blanket release, this is where a film is released across a large number of cinemas simultaneously in order to meet expected demand

Usually the blockbuster films we are familiar with are distributed via 'blanket release', so even if a small UK independent company manages to get its product into cinemas, it is usually competing for attention with one or more films that take on the status of an 'event'.
Exhibition is the cinema release of a film to mark the final stage of a films journey from idea to audience.

After the cinema release, the film then is availiable on different formats. (Blu-Ray, DVD, On Demand, Netflix, LoveFilm, Online)

Premiere of a movie...
A film premiere is the first public performance/ showing of a movie, these can be done through film festivals and special premiere evening for the upcoming big releases.
UK cinemas and multiplex cinemas
A multiplex is a movie theatre complex with multiple screens, typically a minimum of six, 20 would be known as a megaplex which can sit thousands of people to sit in an audience.

Some of the biggest cinemas in the UK are the Showcase Cinemas, The Vue, The Odeon.
Box Office
Box office tracking refers to the theatrical box office earnings. additional sources of revenue such as home entertainment sales and rentals.

In the US it refers to movies that gross over $100 million. The box office gives the latest statistics on which movie is a hit or not and what the audience would be woth watching.

If the movie has spent a lot of money in production it would have to make more money to be considered a hit.

The money made in the exhibition of the movie is known as revenue.
Recoupment is the practice of claiming an advance provided to a distributor etc. in film.

The main people involved in the production, distribution and exhibition will agree on a percentage to split between the profits of a film.
The digital revolution
the digital revolution is the change from electronic technology to digital technology.

Now that film is now being played through dvd, it is now becoming increasingly popular to stream movies through netflix and lovefilm which is cheaper a month than to buy a regular priced dvd which mean that the distributors are not selling as many hard copies of dvds to the audience, meaning that less money is being made for the production and distribution.

Also more people are beginning to illegally download and watch movies through the internet which is meaning that the production and distribution team are making no money atall from this.
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