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AVISTA and Inland power

No description

jayland king

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of AVISTA and Inland power

AVISTA is owned by share holders while Inland power is owned by a government body
They both charge different prices but it depends on what you want to pay for

What are the primary differences between them
AVISTA and Inland power both create megawatts but they have different methods and they range in prices
Power is primarily purchased from the Bonneville Power Administration which markets power from federally-owned hydroelectric and non-federal nuclear generation projects. Some public utilities in the Northwest operate their own hydroelectric dams and other generation facilities.
AVISTA owns hydroelectric, biomass, coal and
natural gas generation facilities and has
contracts to purchase power, including wind
power, from market suppliers. Purchased
power meets about 15 percent of AVISTA's
customer needs.

Primary source of energy
Over 60% of homes and businesses in the northwest get their power from Avista
Avista is chosen by most people because of what they offer
Customer rates are set and regulated by state public utility commissions through an accurate public process that includes customer participation.
Customer rates are set by each utilitys governing body board of commissioners or city council that may include a member or public participation process.
What they offer for energy/savings
AVISTA and Inland power
Facts about both
In 2012 to 2013 AVISTA exceed their target by more than 4 average megawatts
Inland power exceed by 4.8 average megawatts
Inland in 2012 was able to power every home in Spokane and Tacoma
Avista was first started in 1889
Inland power started in 1939
They have been running Inland power for 75 years and that's why some people prefer it because how long its been going
Inland power has draw a lot of people because it's publicly owned so people trust it and don't worry about them changing the price to make more money but instead they stay at the same price but everything you need has a price instead of just making it one big bundle

Inland power
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