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Dystopian elements in The Circle

No description

Tarek Elias

on 22 November 2015

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Transcript of Dystopian elements in The Circle

The Circle

The Circle's principals
"All that happens must be known"
"Secrets are lies"
"Sharing is caring"
"Privacy is theft"
Influential corporations of our age
Googleplex, Mountain View, California
General information
Definition: Dystopia
Function of a Dystopia
The Circle's principals
Political System in ''The Circle''
Dystopian elements in ''The Circle''
Dystopian protagonist
The Circle's principles
Other famous Dystopias

Do you think a society like in "The Circle" is possible in the future?
Are there similarities between the novel's society and ours today?
Can you imagine living in a society where everything is transparent?
''The Circle'' by Dave Eggers
"The Circle"
written by Dave Eggers (born 1970)
first published in USA (2013)
--> 2014 in Germany
worldwide bestseller
literary quality
of the novel consistently criticized, though
of the story highly praised

The Circle by Dave Eggers, 2014.

A presentation by Tarek, Stella & Finn
Political system in ''The Circle''
One company (The Circle) leads the country
Politicians wear cameras around their necks
Everything you do will be recorded
-> No right for privacy as well as storage of information
Is "The Circle" really a Dystopia?
''Dystopia'' Definition
A DYSTOPIA is an imaginary futuristic world/universe in which society lives under the oppression and control of a totalitarian government, a repressive society, a force of technology, or a corrupt business corporation

Is their influence and power comparable to ''The Circle's''?
They often start with an illusion of a perfect society, or UTOPIA. But as the story progresses, the reader as well as the characters both realize that this fictional world is just the opposite of perfect
Function of a DYSTOPIA
In the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, dystopian literature established itself as a powerful way for American writers to criticize communism and socialism

Draw attention to current real-life issues: e.g. the environment, politics, economics, technology & science, ethics etc.
Dystopian elements in ''The Circle''
Other famous Dystopias
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
''1984'' by George Orwell
Minority Report by Philip K. Dick

the loss of individuality, freedom & personal interests
mechanization of the worlds society
increasing importance of social media & internet (TruYou, SeeChange)
suppression & manipulation of society by the Circle through propaganda
on first sight a perfect company, but turns out to be striving towards increase of revenue & spotlighting of each person (supposedly for the good of the world)
The Circle can also be viewed as a ''Utopia'' depending on the point of view

The Dystopian Protagonist
often feels trapped & is struggling to escape
questions existing social & political system
believes or feels that something about his/her society is wrong; helps reader recognize it
Mae: not a prototypical dystopian protagonist
she embraces the Circle's ideas and strives in their system
Annie & Mercer only ones critical of the Circle's power/infuence
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