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Here's everything you need to know about the Police

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of POLICE

Hampshire constabulary police force
Chief Constable Andy Marsh
Deputy Chief Constable Craig Denholm
Assistant Chief Constable Laura Nicholson
Assistant Chief Constable David Pryde
Assistant Chief Constable John Campbell
Acting Assistant Chief Constable Nigel Hindle
There is different types of specialist teams in the UK Police Force these are: the CID which deal with serious crimes like burglary, robbery, sexual offenses etc,

Drugs squad is where the SOCA tackles the large-scale drug trafficking, local forces have squads to deal with drug offenses in their area.

Specialist Operations has branches covering a wide range of functions, including:
Diplomatic protection
National identification
Photographic and graphics
Royal protection

Each Force has a number of officers in a specialist team who are trained and equipped to participate in operations that require firearms. Extremely thorough training is part of becoming a specialist firearms officer, while qualities of calmness and quick thinking are essential.

Traffic department
A traffic officer is concerned with all aspects of road safety, while still getting involved in policing all kinds of non-traffic incidents. The work of traffic officers is much more complex.
Dealing with motorway pile-ups and road accidents.
Checking that vehicles on the road conform to the legal safety requirements.
Dealing with motoring offences, such as speeding.
Breath testing procedures and dealing with drink driving offences.
Uniformed Police-formal
Traffic Police-formal
Mounted and Dog Branch - Uniform on Horses or with dogs.-formal
Tactical and Firearms - Armed Officers.-formal
Support Unit - Uniformed Crowd control.-formal
police dealing with a drunk person
some facts about the police force
On the 15th of September a new act was passed through parliament called the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.
British Police Officers are known as 'Bobbies’ after home secretary Sir Robert Peel, who overhauled and modernised the London police force in 1828.
British police officers carry lots of cuddley toys in their cars to help console children after an accident
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