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All About Me

No description

Aliza Pion

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me
Part 1
By: Aliza Pion

B is Brother
B is for brother. My brothers name is Francisco and he is nine years old. My brother is my best friend. My brother and I share secrets with each other and we have the funniest times together. One day my brother and I were using a whoopie cushion in the car and singing Drunk in Love.
C is for

C is for Corona. Corona is where I'm from. My favorite places in Corona are; Corona pizzeria, lemon Ice King ,Ice Skating Rink, and Queen Center Mall. Corona is very fun in the summer. In the summer there are so many activities such as: going to the beach, the pool, going to the pizzeria with friends, and spending time at Flushing Meadow park.



D is for Dominican.I am from the Dominican Republic. The capitol of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domigo. There are many beautiful places in the Dominican Republic like: Santiago, Punta Cana , Rancho Arriba, Casa Campo, and Rio. I'm from San Jose. My favorite Dominican foods are: Platano, aroz con habichuela, flan and chicharron de pollo.
A is for Aunt
A is for aunt. My aunts name is Krisha. My aunt and I are alike in many ways. We both look alike, love to shop, and love to get our hair done. My aunt lives in Fresh Meadows with her boyfriend Jason, and her daughter Kaitlyn. My aunt is always there for me; she is very supportive.
F is for Friends
F is for friends. I am blessed to have such
wonderful friends. My friends always cheer me up when I am in a horrible mood. My friends are funny and caring. I like the fact that all my friends get along.Without out my friends I would be incomplete not only physically but emotionally.
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