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American Westward Migration In The 1800's

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Fhamir Diaz

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of American Westward Migration In The 1800's

Interregional Migration Attitudes Toward Migration Gravity Model Pull Factors The important thing about the western migration of Americans during the 1800's is that it was a large economic and social relief source because the vast amount of land provided for farming, mining ( from mountains), space for housing, and the opportunity for Americans to start a new life. Intervening Obstacles U.S. Western Migration
During The 1800's Push Factors Manifest Destiny
Housing land
Chain Migration Manifest Destiny
Lack of economic success for hand craft workers
Overpopulation in New England
Uncongenial political, religious, cultural, social feeling in New England Sources:
http://www.history.com/topics/westward-expansion The western expansion in the 1800's is one of the biggest and most known examples of internal, interregional migration, as the Americans moved from the northeastern region of the U.S. (New England) to the western region. Unknown terrain (Lewis and Clarke to the rescue!)
Long and difficult journey- rough paths, limited supply of food, diseases
Indian territory (see attitudes toward immigrants)
Slavery- abolished or not in new territories? (Missouri Compromise)
Mexican-American War: Texas became a state after a hard fought war between the Americans and the Mexicans The Indian natives of the west were not happy with the white migrants pushing them out of their homes. Many times, groups of Indians led by their chiefs attacked the Americans in order to keep their homeland. This resulted in death of both Americans and Indians. Therefore, in order to solve the conflict, President Andrew Jackson, in 1830, passed the Indian Removal Act. This act allowed white settler to move into any piece of land they desired in the southwestern Indian territory. The 1800 westward expansion is definitely a small magnet migration, considering all of the Americans relocated a relatively short distance from their original position and they stayed within the United States.
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