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Gifted Students with Disabilities

No description

Jason Hurd

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Gifted Students with Disabilities

The Twice Exceptional
What does it mean to be twice-exceptional?
Requirement 1: Students are identified as gifted and talented in one or more areas of exceptionality including specific academics, general intellectual ability, creativity, leadership, visual or performing arts.
What does twice exceptional look like?
Tourette Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome



Learning Disabled
What qualities
should I look for?
Strengths include:
Strong math skills
High IQ (in specific areas)
Concentrated on tasks of interest
Superior vocabulary
Sophisticated sense of humor


Explicit goals and expectations
Social coaching
Peer support
Support groups
Gifted + Disability = Twice Exceptional
Requirement 2: Student has a disability defined by Federal/State eligibility criteria such as specific learning disability, physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, autism, or ADHD.
Challenges include:
Easily frustrated
Appears lazy or unmotivated
Inconsistent performance
Social deficits
Highly Opinionated

What can I do to meet the needs of these students?

Predict the top 4 needs of twice-exceptional students in order to support their academic success.
Reflect on your own classroom as you rank these needs in order of importance.

Explicit goals and expectations
Social coaching
Peer support
Supports group

After reading the previous definition of twice-exceptional, create a summarized definition using exactly 5 words.
Gifted Students with Disabilities
Time for a Challenge!
What are these
students' needs?
Top 5 in 5
Students are often defined by their disability instead of their giftedness.

Students that are twice-exceptional are frequently misidentified by their IQ tests.

There are over 10 different assessments used to identify students who are twice-exceptional.

Teachers often choose "conforming" students when recommending students for gifted services.

The most common disability for twice=exceptional students is Other Health Impairment (OHI) with some form of Attention Deficit Disorder.
Tourette Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome



Learning Disabled
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