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Duong Aaron Final Project

I am Aaron

Aaron Duong

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Duong Aaron Final Project

Final Technology Project
My Prezi Portfolio

Internet Notes, Definitions, and etiquette
1. Don't speak in caps lock because you look like your YELLING
2. Don't trust people online
3. Don't bully people online
4. Make passwords have some numbers , letters, and make it 8 - 10 characters long
Don't give people personal information because you could get harmed.
In these 12 weeks, I have learned and improved my typing, I have learned about excel, how to use a bunch of functions I never knew about that are very helpful,word art, paint, and clip art. I learned a lot about these amazing tools.
Reliable Websites
You should use reliable websites because some websites could be dangerous. You can trust websites that end in edu, gov, and org. If there is a pop up that tells you have won something it is most likely a scam so, you shouldn't click those because those scams can put viruses in your computer.
Parts of a computer
www- world wide web
url- uniform research locator
Motherboard- controls everything and keeps
things running

Microprocessor- brain of the

Hard Drive- stores stuff
Power supply- something that supplies electric energy
Video Card- displays things onto the screen

Sound Card- lets you hear things
Keyboard- a bunch of keys that
lets you type on a computer
Mouse- lets you click and control a cursor
Aaron Duong
Block 7, Technology
February 27, 2014
PAInt, word art, and clip art
Word Art- This was very useful. This is helpful for making something that creative and interesting like a flyer
Paint- This can be used for anything like a drawing
Clip Art- Art that is simple and can be added to a document like pictures
Folders, Files, and meaningful names
It is important to give folders and files names so that when you turn it in your teachers will know what that document/file is instead of clicking a bunch.
You make a folder by right-clicking then find new and click folder. You make a file by right-clicking then find new and click Microsoft Word Document

Guidelines for typing a paper
1. Font has to be 12
2. Press tab at the beginning of a paragraph
3. Put your name heading
4. Name your paper with a title
5. The paper should have a space after a sentence
Your should use a specific font so that it is easy to read, it should be the same font as everyone, and the font should be specific because if the font is too big it wastes paper. You can do a word count by looking at the bottom of the screen on Words.
1. You were required to write about your favorite book and use word art, clip art, and use other cool tools to make it look interesting
2. I chose to put this on my prezi because i had a lot of fun with it
3. From this assignment I learned how to use a lot of tools and learn more about the functions you can use
1. You are required to make a dream trip on words using tables and pictures
3. It helps you learn about making tables and inserting picture
2. I chose this project because I learned about tables
1. You were required to use tables and write down what people liked
2. I chose this because it was interesting asking what people liked
3. I learned about what people like and I learned about tables
What I still want to learn
I still want to learn more about what other helpful tools you can use.
Case fans- cool your computer
Memory- makes your computer faster
Usb port- you can transfer data with this
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