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The Young Adolescent

2nd attempt

Jackson Hunt

on 6 April 2010

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Transcript of The Young Adolescent

The Young Adolescent:

Created by:
Jackson C. Hunt
Joshua Ray Classroom Assignment: Setting:

Abraham Lincoln Middle School
Gainesville, Florida

Ms. Barba

ESE Reading

Student #1

Becomes instantly frustrated with work

Frustration causes resistance to self discovery
Student #2

Is unaware of making mistakes while reading

But is willing to work through them

Lev Vygotsky, 1896-1934

Zone of Proximal Development

Buchholz High School
Gainesville, Florida

Ms. Janet Chalifoux

9th & 10th grade
ESE Reading & English Student #3

Failing all his classes

Zero motivation to try or change Student #4

Motivated to learn

Wants to try and to achieve more on her own Theory:
Lev Vygotsky, 1896-1934

Zone of Proximal Development
Private Speech

Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching
Dr. John D. Bransford, et. al.

How People Learn
The Nature of Expertise Media:
Movie: The Blind Side (2009) Classroom Assignment: FIN
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