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Marketing Plan : Bic

No description

Woochan Cho

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Plan : Bic

SWOT Analysis
1) Strength
BIC has a firm and devoted business motto of selling and distributing products that are cheaply made, disposable and briefly used.
BIC has an excellent reputation for a comprehensive line of inexpensive ball-point pen products. BIC is also responsible for the successful marketing, manufacturing and distributing all of its products.

The stationery industry is a market of over 10 billion USD therefore it attracts many competitors. BIC’s products compete well with their rivals since they have lower price and a good quality.
BIC is a major brand as it holds the second highest percentage of the market since the company products are available in over 160 countries.
Product Portfolio
Competitor Analysis
Consumer Analysis
1) Awaiting the breakthrough consumer model

2) 3D printers aren't that user-friendly

3) Complex design software

4) Safety concerns

Online Subscription
3D Printer
: pre-built, able to print complex designs in a timely manner. Will be both MAC and Windows compatible and easy to use
Printer Ink
: will be sold in various colors, including tie-dye and glow in the dark for kids
Online Subscription
: Bic will provide an online library of CAD files for subscribers to use. Users will also be able to upload their own files

Executive Summary
& Situation Analysis

Market Analysis
Market Strategy
Marketing Plan
: Bic's 3D Printer

Competitor Analysis
SWOT in 3D Printer Market
1) Strength
- Price : cheap price draws customers.
- Function : Able to print complex designs.

2) Weakness
- Competition : Entry to the 3D printer market.
SWOT in 3D Printer Market
3) Opportunity
- Rapid Growth : but not yet a mature market.
- Lacking of functions of existing 3D printer.

4) Threat
- Patent and legal murkiness.
- 2D goes 3D.
Price printers cheap, to lock in customers to buy Bic printer ink (priced higher)
Printer - $500
Ink - $50 per cartridge
Online Subscription - $5

Floor demonstration of printer at local office supplies stores
New printer buyers get first 3 months free of online subscription
Ink discounts/bulk deals - Buy 2 get 1 %50 off
Online competitions
Advertise on tech blogs/forums

Will be sold in
-store at office supplies and electronics stores like OfficeMax, Staples, and BestBuy
Also available online
at sites like newegg.com (electronics) and amazon.com

Competing with companies that are much more concentrated on a product line - when BIC is involved in 3 markets.
Preferred to use own cash and has aversion to borrow money -this reduces the chances to invest and expand and increase chance of a takeover.
Globalization - BIC has yet to go to China or India, for example, a place for both demand as well as manufacturing power.
Further cost reducing by outsourcing - because of the high volume, can utilize cheaper labor, cheaper raw material, etc, in other countries such as China.

Strong competitors that concentrate on one of BIC’s products - Schick’s shavers, Pentel’s pens, etc. or other powerful competitors such as Gillette or Faber-Castel.
Raw material, fuel and labor cost increase
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